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  • G4020T PRO 20kw
    ◎ Reliable Optical System ◎ High Accuracy Transmission System ◎ Stable Mechanical System. ◎ HSG Cutting Technologies Integrated the state-of-the-art cutting technologies developed by HSG Laser in the past decades....

  • Automatic Nozzle Changer

    * Full automatic without manual intervention

    * Sweep and remove former nozzle automatically

    * Replace with new nozzle for auto calibration

    Counterboring Technology

    * Embed bolt into punching hole faultlessly

    * One-step forming with smooth and pleasing surface

    * Help to reduce piercing duration

    Perfect Finish Cut (PFC)

    * Autostop cutting before overburning to lessen heat input

    * Get built-up edge, external surface scaldy and overburning on cut endpoint disappear

    Mirror-like Surface Cutting

    * Cutting section as smooth as a mirror

    * Save energy and costs