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We are a metalworking fluid supplier that focuses on helping customers reduce their environmental impact, and improve their bottom line through proper fluid selection, mixing, and application equipment. We utilize our proprietary Fluid Lifecycle Analysis to review each step the fluid takes in its flow through a facility to find areas of waste and inefficiency. We recommend systems and fluid alternatives to mitigate the waste and the savings realized are typically 50% to 75% of fluid usage and related costs.

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  • Win one of two chances for a free one-day, on-site Fluid Lifecycle Analysis and Reduction Plan that could save you thousands of gallons of fluid and thousands in fluid costs.  Our proprietary Fluids Lifecycle Analysis is a review of all the potential areas of waste in your facility: mixing, application, the fluid itself, reclamation, etc.  The Lifecycle Analysis then produces a Fluid Reduction Plan outlining a process that can be followed to achieve the projected cost savings. 

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  • Impact Fluids announces a game-changing initiative to reduce metalworking fluid use, providing significant benefits for the environment and worker health. By implementing advanced fluid management systems like their Fluid Lifecycle Analysis, Impact Fluids enables companies to optimize consumption, minimize waste, and reduce their environmental impact. These solutions not only promote sustainability but also enhance worker safety and improve workplace conditions which help to retain employees.

    As a leader in sustainable industrial practices, Impact Fluids sets a new industry standard by demonstrating that reducing fluid use is not only crucial for the planet but also essential for a healthier and safer working environment. For more information on their innovative solutions and commitment to sustainability, please visit

  • Impact Fluids, a leading provider of sustainable solutions and fluids for the metalforming industry, draws attention to the environmental impact of industrial fluid waste and advocates for more sustainable manufacturing practices. As metalworking processes contribute to significant fluid waste, Impact Fluids emphasizes the urgent need for effective fluid management systems to minimize waste generation and promote environmental stewardship. Impact Fluids offers innovative solutions that enable companies to reduce fluid consumption, optimize fluid usage, and significantly reduce waste. By embracing these sustainable practices, manufacturers can significantly decrease their environmental footprint, reduce spending, and contribute to a cleaner and greener future.

    For more information on Impact Fluids Inc.'s commitment to combating industrial fluid waste and promoting sustainable manufacturing, please visit their website at

  • Impact Fluids, a leading provider of innovative fluid solutions, emphasizes the advantages of reducing metalworking fluid usage.  By implementing advanced technologies like roller systems and conducting detailed fluid usage assessments, manufacturers can significantly lower costs and waste while creating a safer work environment.

    Minimizing fluid consumption in stamping processes offers substantial cost savings by reducing expenses associated with fluid purchase, maintenance, and waste management. Additionally, this approach contributes to waste reduction and environmental sustainability by maximizing fluid use and minimizing overall waste generation. Moreover, eliminating excess fluids in the workplace mitigates hazards, promoting a safer and healthier work environment for employees which positively affects employee retention.

    Impact Fluids is committed to helping companies optimize their operations by reducing fluid usage by 50%-90%. Interested in learning more? Visit

  • Impact Fluids, a newly established company, brings together the expertise of Curtis Fluids, Great Lakes Industrial Service, and Advanced Metalworking Solutions (AMS) to revolutionize the metalworking fluids industry. With a mission to reduce fluid usage, Impact Fluids helps manufacturers improve production, enhance safety, and minimize their environmental impact. Through innovative practices such as fluid lifecycle analysis, fluid reduction implementation, and proper fluid selection, Impact Fluids enables cost savings, cleaner workspaces, and compliance with industry standards.        For more information, visit

  • Impact Fluids, Inc helps metalworking businesses reduce waste and save money. With their tailored fluid solutions, Impact Fluids enables manufacturers to optimize operations and achieve cost savings while promoting sustainability. Impact Fluids offers a range of specialized metalworking fluids designed to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. These cutting-edge products help businesses streamline processes, reduce waste, and improve overall performance.

    As a trusted partner, Impact Fluids works closely with manufacturers to understand their specific challenges and provide tailored solutions. For more information about Impact Fluids and their specialized metalworking fluids for waste reduction and savings, visit


  • Fluid Lifecycle Analysis & Reduction Plan
    Transform your metalworking processes with our Fluid Lifecycle Analysis and Reduction Plan. Our customized analysis, strategy, products, and support will help you maximize your fluid’s efficiency, reduce waste, and save costs....

  • Our game-changing service is designed to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and save costs associated with metalworking fluids. With precise mixing techniques, high-quality fluids and optimized fluid application, our experts provide customized recommendations to reduce your fluid usage. The Impact Fluids’ Lifecycle Analysis and Reduction Plan will unlock the full potential of your manufacturing processes, ensuring a healthier workplace, reduced environmental impact of disposal and improved profitability. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to a new era of productivity. Trust Impact Fluids to optimize your metalworking processes today!

    Visit Impact Fluids at booth D41056 to unlock your operation's full potential!

  • Curtis 622 Synthetic Drawing Fluid
    Introducing Curtis 622, a versatile non-chlorinated, synthetic concentrate for severe stamping and forming operations. 622 works on a variety of metals, coats evenly, clings to metal surfaces, won’t stain, and provides excellent rust protection....

  • Introducing Curtis 622, the ultimate solution for heavy-duty metal stamping applications. This high-performance, true synthetic lubricant excels in demanding stamping applications. Use it undiluted for severe stamping or dilute for less intense forming operations. With its versatility, it works on ferrous and non-ferrous metals like galvanized steel and aluminum, eliminating the need for multiple lubricants. Curtis 622 provides exceptional lubrication, reduces friction, and ensures smooth metalworking processes. It also offers long-term indoor rust protection, safeguarding your components in challenging environments. Say goodbye to traditional lubricants—Curtis 622 revolutionizes metal stamping processes, delivering improved performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

    Upgrade your metalworking with Curtis 622, visit Impact Fluids at booth D41056 to unlock your operation's full potential!

  • Fortech TechDraw FT 400
    FT-400 is an OEM-approved fluid for Body-in-White applications. It provides excellent lubricity for severe applications while leaving a clean surface and excellent rust protection. It works on all materials, is environmentally friendly, and easy to use....

  • Introducing the TechDraw FT 400 to the Impact Fluids family of products.  It is a cutting-edge drawing compound approved by OEMs for Body-in-White applications. It provides excellent lubrication, extending the lifespan of tools and coatings, and works on virtually all materials.

    FT 400 is incredibly versatile and can be used in severe operations without dilution or diluted with water for lighter tasks. It offers flexibility to meet your specific manufacturing needs. Plus, it provides in-process corrosion protection, ensuring your parts and tools remain in top shape.

    This compound is non-pigmented and free from chlorine and sulfur, making it environmentally friendly. It eliminates the need for additional washing between different operations, saving you time and resources.

    Upgrade your manufacturing processes with TechDraw FT 400 and experience its outstanding performance and reliability.

    Visit Impact Fluids at booth D41056 to unlock your operation's full potential!