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Ettlebener Strasse 27
Werneck 97440
Werneck,  Bavaria  97440

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  • Micro Arc Welder
    The Lampert Micro Arc Welder is the world's most innovative precision welder and enables welding of thinnest metals and alloys down to 0,1mm ...

  • The Micro Arc Welder welding technology has been specially developed for industrial use and is characterized by particularly high performance potential and robustness even under continuous stress. From the repair workshop to development departments, prototype construction and even electronics laboratories – Lampert industrial welding systems are at home everywhere.

    It is powerful, solid, versatile and provides the highest possible power spectrum for stable mastering of challenging precision welding applications The Micro Arc Welder also features the ergonomical Lampert user interface and reliable device control even under the toughest environments with its one-hand joystick with turn-push-tilt function and single-screen operating menu.

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