Leas SpA

Via Gian Lorenzo Bernini 74
San Giorgio in Bosco
Padova,  35010

  • Booth: D41747


    Automated and robotized plant using low spatter MIG welding technology and patented cooling system to ensure: low risk of deformation, minimum welding heat input, higher quality of the product, compliance with tolerances....

  • The LEAS solution has allowed its customer to:
    - increase productivity by 300%
    - optimizing personnel costs by 80%.
    - reduce the footprint of the production plant by 30%.

    By listening to the customer's needs and through specific welding and assembly automations and robotics, LEAS has:
    - completely redesigned the production process with a view to simplification and in-line production
    - automated the assembly lines of the profiles
    - synchronized the various processing phases and automatic assembly of the profiles
    - optimized buffers and automated feeding

    Low spatter MIG welding technology and patented cooling system have been used to ensure:
    - maximum quality without any risk of deformation of the frames
    - minimum heat input during welding

    The welding positions have been calculated on the real dimensions of the joints to guarantee:
    - higher quality of the final product
    - full compliance with tolerances