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For the first time ever, Lesta’s Self-Learning robots can finish complicated parts with variable part presentation from inconsistent hooks and fixturing. This hybrid system also works on both continuous and power & free conveyors. This new solution allows for an even easier transition for general industry to bring automation into their finishing operation.

LestaUSA is an innovative finishing automation and integration company created from the success of their family owned 3 generation contract job shop, DeGeest Corporation.

DeGeest Corporation uses everything that it sells in a production environment and the DeGeest Automation Division brings this proven automated manufacturing and production experience into every project.

In 2019, LestaUSA brought Lesta Italy’s simple self-learning robotic paint and finishing technology to North America. Lesta technology mirrors intricate human movements without the need for complicated programming or teach pendants.

This isn't your typical robot. Lesta robots record the movement and spray technique of your best painter or finishing technician in a weightless self-learning mode. Their skills are saved and repeated on future jobs empowering your employees to do more.

After building and integrating Lesta’s self-learning robotic technology into many new and existing powder and liquid systems for manufacturers, LestaUSA is back again and bringing multiple NEW application solutions to general industry.

Stop by our booth D45368 during FABTECH to check out:

1. 3d scanning technology to continue to make Lesta self-learning robotic systems even more user friendly

2. Software that communicates with Lesta robots and any existing conveyor line  

3. Synchronizing programs with changing conveyor line speed  

4. Europe’s best kept application secrets for any existing equipment:

·Pulver Control Powder Flow Sensors & Monitoring Software for any automatic gun

·NITROTHERM® Spray for controlling application variables and saving up to 30% coating materials

·POLIFLUID® for controlling application variables and saving up to 30% on powder

LestaUSA builds, integrates and supports its finishing technology right here in the U.S. Learn more at lestausa.com or call 1-888-546-2800.

 Press Releases

  • Perspective On Using Technology To Bridge Skills Gap In Finishing To Be Shared At Fabtech Chicago

    Referred to as the manufacturing skills gap, this issue continues to plague companies unable to find workers who have the skills needed to take open positions, particularly in finishing.

    One company will be sharing its perspective on how technology can be leveraged to bridge the skills gap with both existing and new employees during an educational session at FABTECH Chicago; North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event.

    The session entitled, “A Candid Talk on How to Let Technology Bridge the Skills Gap in Finishing” will be presented on September 12 at 8am in Room E253D. It will address lessons learned by LestaUSA, which is integrated by DeGeest. The company doubled its size in just two years by using technology, robotics and automation to empower their current workforce while successfully recruiting the next generation.

    “The way we see it, technology can save the legacy knowledge of your experienced people, “said Derek DeGeest, President of LestaUSA and DeGeest Corporation, “It can automate the task completely or create engaging ways for new hires to learn more independently.”

    The presentation will share a collection of experiences that highlights what works – and what doesn’t – as manufacturers work to overcome an issue that has been ongoing for a number of years.

    Click to learn more about the presentation or visit the LestaUSA booth (D40342) at FABTECH 2023 in Chicago, September 11-14.



    LestaUSA is integrated by DeGeest and is the North American integrator, manufacturer and technical support for mechanical and software of Lesta robots built for industrial painting applications. Lesta’s proven Italian robotic technology can be used for liquid, powder and fiberglass on metal, wood, ceramics, plastics and composite materials. Lesta is an industry leader with systems being used worldwide in small, mid and large companies. Visit www.lestausa.com to view videos of the robots in various applications. Or, the technology can be seen firsthand at LestaUSA showroom inside DeGeest Corporation near Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Appointments made by phone (1-888-546-2800) or email (robotics@lestausa.com).