Ekicontrol Coil Processing Lines

Industrial park Erratzu 236
Urnieta,  Basque Country  20130

+34 943 335 921
  • Booth: D41716

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  • A Family Company

    Ekicontrol Coil Processing Lines is a family company located in the Basque Country, Spain, since 1986. We design, manufacture and install coil processing lines for carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum metal coils.

    With Extensive Experience

    We manufacture slitting, cut-to-length, multi blanking lines, combined cutting lines to cut and wind simultaneously, complete press feed lines, lines with special requirements, with internal punching, profiling, as well as peripherals such as uncoilers, loading cars, straighteners, rollers, static shears, flying shears, stacking tables, packaging, etc.

    Projected towards the Future

    We have been providing solutions to our clients around the world for more than 30 years. We offer the highest European quality standards. We have shown that we know how to listen to our customers to work together and find the right solution at all times, for each need.

  • Dealers

    We continue to expand our distribution network. If you want to increase your business posibilities and distribute our products, a leader in the sector.

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    Leading product

    • Complete and competitive portfolio of sheet metal cutting solutions

    • We research trends in order to select the best products in each category

    • All our solutions comply with the following formula: Reliability, Competitiveness, and Easy to use

    Assistance & Support

    • Commercial assistance and free technical support to distributors to facilitate sales and maintenance for all products
    • Product specialists oriented to give personalized quick answers


    • B2B Strategy with an indirect business model
    • Agile solutions to the distributor so that they can generate more business, and at the same time, give a better service to its customer
    • Interesting and useful information on trends, products and business


  • TWINCUT20 Coil Multiblanking Line
    Designed and built for multi-format. It allows simultaneous slitting and cut-to-length cutting with high-quality straightening, cutting, and repeatability....

  • Savings in raw materials

    The purchase of coil instead of format implies an average saving of 5% in raw material cost. We make the most of the coil length, thus wasting less material. This way, we will achieve a greater benefit for our final product.

    Less Storage Space

    The coils take up much less space than the traditional sheet metal format. They are comfortable to store, and their handling is agile and safe.

    Higher productivity

    A 1-ton 1-millimeter-thick coil is 850 meters long. With an Ekicontrol cutting line, we can cut 3-meter formats in less than an hour.

    Straightening Quality

    The quality of the straightening of our cutting lines accomplishes with the most demanding international standards.


    The flexibility of having the circular blades implemented in the straightener module allows us to adjust the width and make all the cuts of the coil on the same machine.


    We can adapt all kinds of reception tables of formats: scissor tables, fixed tables, tables of different lengths, interchangeable to adapt to your manufacturing needs.