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For over 30 years LogoPress' only business has been the development of die design software for the tool & die and metal stamping industries, as well as flattening, blank prediction, and simulation software for various types of parts. LogoPress® is a world leader in die design software and their LogoPress products have achieved SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partner status. LogoPress also develops SOLIDReporter products for all SOLIDWORKS users in all industries, including SOLIDReporter SOLO and SOLIDReporter TEAM REPORT.  Since December 2018, LogoPress is an AutoForm Company.


  • LogoPress ProgSim
    LogoPress ProgSim is a user-friendly, affordable software for Incremental Forming Simulation of Progressive Dies Inside of SOLIDWORKS and LogoPress DieDesign & PREMIUM software....

  • LogoPress ProgSim12 is incremental forming simulation software that runs inside of SOLIDWORKS and LogoPress DieDesign or DieDesign PREMIUM software.

    ProgSim performs very accurate simulations of forming processes using incremental simulation technology powered by the industry-proven AutoForm solver. It is both affordable and easy to use and provides results for thinning, wrinkling, splitting, stress, strain, etc. It also provides multiple ways of displaying accurate springback results.

    Automatic blank development done using Cut Optimizer in ProgSim eliminates the trial-and-error part of developing a die using physical tooling. ProgSim’s new Cut Optimizer option simulates both the cutting/trimming and the forming of the strip repeatedly. After each iteration, Cut Optimizer adjusts the cutting punches that created the initial blank and then simulates the forming process again. It repeats this process until it reaches the target part maximum deviation that had been initially input by the user. This technology has been well-proven in AutoForm Forming’s Trimline Optimization.