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 Press Releases

  • The high-power 20 kW Phoenix FL-3015 processes a range of materials. The 20 kW laser cuts 2.0" mild steel with clean, smooth edge quality. When processing steel, stainless steel and aluminum using nitrogen, 20 kW cutting speeds are up to 2.5 times faster than a 10 kW source. It pierces and cuts thick materials at rates faster than most plasma cutting systems. The high-performance cutting head ensures process stability and edge quality at high power.

    Acceleration and accuracy are further supported by the machine’s rigid welded steel frame construction. An integrated control and drive system ensure the highest reproduction of programmed contours at fast processing speeds.

    The 19” Touch-L control is user-friendly: operators of all skill levels can interact easily with the Phoenix.

    Phoenix FL offers a number of options to advance performance, including automatic nozzle changer, CADMAN-L programming software, and MOVit modular automation from the Compact Tower to full tower and warehouse systems (TAS and WAS).

  • The Strippit V-L Punch-Laser combines the punching and forming advantages of the Strippit V Series punch press with the speed and versatility of fiber laser cutting to complete multiple processes on a single machine, answering the need for flexible manufacturing. Cut and punch a full-size workpiece of 120" x 60" without repositioning to save on production time, material usage and material handling. 

    The Strippit thick-turret punch press offers large tooling capacity. Advanced fiber laser guarantees excellent cut quality at high cutting speeds. Laser cut unique shaped holes or contours and etch material with high-quality results.

    The Strippit V is a high-speed 30-ton hydraulic punch press built on a heavy-duty bridge frame for exceptional stability and punching accuracy.

    The punch press features 48 thick-turret tooling stations with four 3.5" auto-index stations. This versatile mix of stations – able to accept forming, embossing, louvering, Wheel and tapping tools –maximizes tooling capacity and reduces set-up time for high production capacity.

  • ToolCell is the ultimate bending solution for small to medium batches, high product mix, complex parts. All tools are held within the machine and automatically changed as the job requires – minimizing tool changeover time and increasing throughput.

    The tooling warehouse is integrated into the machine for a space-saving design.

    Innovative grippers built into the machine’s back gauge fingers serve as the tool changer mechanism. As the operator prepares for the next job, selecting the worksheet or moving blank parts to the machine, ToolCell automatically changes the top and bottom tooling.

    ToolCell is equipped with LVD’s Easy-Form® Laser (EFL) system. EFL ensures the first bend is accurate every time. The system transmits the digital information in real time to the CNC control unit, which processes it and immediately adjusts the position of the punch to achieve the correct angle. The bending process is not interrupted and no production time is lost.

    Available in bending capacities from 150 to 240 tons.


  • D-Cell Robotic Bending Cell
    LVD introduces D-Cell, a competitively-priced robotic bending cell. D-Cell combines a 55-ton hydraulic press brake with Kuka robot and LVD’s unique programming software. D-Cell accelerates “art to part” production in 20 minutes or less....

  • LVD introduces D-Cell, a competitively-priced robotic bending cell. D-Cell combines a 55-ton hydraulic press brake with Kuka robot and LVD’s unique programming software.

    At the heart of D-Cell is the versatile PPED press brake. It delivers 55 tons of pressing force, has a six-foot working length, four-axis backgauge, and handles part sizes from 1.4" x 3.9" up to 15.8" x 23.6" with a part weight of up to 8.8 lbs.

    D-Cell features powerful automatic programming software for “art to part” production in 20 minutes or less. It generates the bending and robot program automatically in 10 minutes and then takes just 10 minutes for set-up and first part production. No robot teaching is needed.

    A universal gripper designed by LVD handles different part sizes, bends up to three flanges without regripping and easily moves between tool stations.

    D-Cell is compact, requiring only 16 ft x 17 ft of floor space.

    It offers the versatility to operate in manual mode.