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  • Scheduled to take place in Chicago from September 11th to 14th, Fabtech 2023 will serve as the platform for ABAGY to unveil its groundbreaking advancements in robotic automation. Attendees are invited to Booth B27022 to witness firsthand the future of welding technology.


    At the heart of ABAGY's showcase is a robotic cell that combines a FANUC robot and a Lincoln welding power source. What sets this demonstration apart is its real-time welding capabilities. Unlike simulations, visitors will experience actual welding in action, showcasing the seamless collaboration between these cutting-edge technologies.


    The live demo is structured around a user-friendly scenario that emphasizes the simplicity and power of ABAGY's technology. Attendees will place the part anywhere within the robotic workspace and define the welding seam and its parameters. With a simple click, the ABAGY software, powered by complex mathematical algorithms and machine vision, takes over. The robot interprets the instructions and promptly executes the weld—without the need for any manual programming. 


    To ensure a personalized experience tailored to individual production needs, ABAGY recommends pre-booking a slot for a demo. 


    About ABAGY:

    ABAGY is pioneering the future of manufacturing with breakthrough robotic welding solutions. Its proprietary software, integrated with intelligent machine vision, empowers businesses to optimize their operations without the complexities of traditional programming. ABAGY's technology simplifies manufacturing to just a click, making it a cost-effective solution even for customized products.

    More information: abagy.com
  • Witness ABAGY in action at booth B27022. Live welding demonstrations will take place directly at the booth, showcasing the real-world application of the technology. Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to examine actual components from customer production sites, including an Auger.

    Augers pose a real challenge for welders, both human and robot. Having to stop and restart welding while rotating the auger can create bad welds. ABAGY coordinates the simultaneous movement of the auger and the robot to create a uniform, continuous bead.

    Furthermore, attendees can observe the aluminum component or one with intricate joint welds.

    ABAGY is AI & machine vision-based software. Using this proprietary software with smart machine vision, you just need to load the part and set the welding parameters. Robots will do the rest.  Just click & weld.

    More information: abagy.com

  • Visit our session F126 "Autonomous Robotic Welding. What is Breakthrough Technology Really Capable Of?".

    Date: September 12, 2023, Time: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

    Our speakers:

    David Suttle, Chief Revenue Officer at ABAGY

    • 30+ Years Experience in Manufacturing Tech
    • Leadership Positions Across a Variety of Industries and Corporations: Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Reliance Electric, CompuServe Networks, EWI - Edison Welding Institute, Path Robotics, and ABAGY.

    Randy Friedlander, Client Services Director at ABAGY

    • 40+ Years Experience in Manufacturing Tech
    • Education: Chemical Engineering in the Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Industry
    • Diverse Experience: Engineering, IT, Consulting
    • Robotics & Welding Expertise: Edison Welding Institute, Path Robotics 
    • Having a Master’s degree in finance, Randy works with Abagy clients to evaluate both the engineering feasibility and ROI in robotic welding.

    The session format allows for a detailed discussion of the solution's nuances and the production-proven cases.

    David will explain what Autonomous Welding means. It's a term you hear more often, but its implications and what these technologies can do are not always obvious.

    Randy, in his presentation, will focus on the financial aspects. It's crucial to find tools that allow you to assess the effectiveness of investments in robotics and calculate their return on investment.

    You can register for the session on the Fabtech website at this link


    Using our proprietary software with smart machine vision, you simply load the part and select the welding parameters. The robot and software will do the rest. Just click & weld. No Programming....


    AI & Machine Vision
    No Programming
    No Teach Pendant
    Any Robotic Equipment
    Any Product Mix

    Two options:

    Turnkey solution, including hardware & software 

    Only software & machine vision 

    More information abagy.com