1960 Seravesi SRL

Via Pontida No 1
Via Raso, 10/A-6
Palazzolo Sulloglio,  Bs  25036

  • Booth: C40340

 Press Releases

  • In a world in continuous evolution like the one in which we live - we could even say, above all in a world that changes so quickly - with over 50 years of experience in a field that is very well defined like the planning and construction of plate bending machines, dishing presses and flanging machines is a factor that can make the difference on the market.

    Tommaso Seravesi began his entrepreneurial and productive activities in the beginning of the 60s.The Lozza Family, that began their activity in the machining of steel frame at the beginning of the 80s, in 2016 the two  family joined together and did a new company, and with their capabilities and reliability, they managed to reach a first-place position on the market.

    Today, 1960 Seravesi Srl, with its operative headquarters in Palazzolo dell'Oglio, in the area surrounding Brescia, has as main objective the supply of machinery for the deformation of sheet metal, such as 3 and 4 roll plate bending machines, dishing press presses and flanging machines, with a meticulous precision in the construction of the machinery from the planning to the final test stages, as well as in their assembly on location.

    Making sure the client finds the most appropriate machine for his requirements

    “The main objective of our company is having a structure that is strongly oriented towards the client's needs and to create, from the beginning, a relationship based on confidence and credibility”, says Tommaso’s son, Paolo Seravesi.  “We try to assure that the client receives a valid initial consultation in the quotation phase, that can guarantee the acquisition of the appropriate machinery for his requirements.  We believe it is important to inform clients on the processing program of the acquired machinery, so that they can have the certainty to choose the best product that will allow the client to increase his own productivity.  What's more, we guarantee rapid support and attendance in the event of a breakdown of the machinery”. The post sale service, with the instantaneous evaluation of the most convenient and appropriate solution for every type of issue, is one of the strong points of 1960 Seravesi, making sure the client receives rapid and efficient responses.



  • The E79 series is provided with horizontally adjustable bottom rolls and vertically adjustable top roll. As the lower rolls can be moved independently, it is possible to increase the centers distance between them to have the possibility to roll (without prebending) very thick plates even on small machines. This gives a lot of advantages to the end-user. The E79 machine is the best alternative solution to the 4 rolls design. It is particularly suggested for medium, heavy and super-heavy applications (over 1"and up to 12" mm cold bending capacity).

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