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 Press Releases

  • Meridian Stainless, Inc. announces a new tube and pipe welding clamp that compensates for weld stress distortion and simplifies the welding process of tube and pipe joints from setup to completion. The patented weld stress compensation clamp will save businesses time and materials thanks to its innovative design. 

    The Angle-Rite® Clamping System consists of a primary clamp that pre-bends the intersected
    tube prior to welding. The secondary clamp holds the intersecting tube or pipe in a precise
    angle to be miter cut using the reciprocating saw attachment, or notched using the abrasive or
    hole saw notcher. Once cut, the secondary clamp holding its tube or pipe is rejoined with the
    primary clamp and its attached tube or pipe. The angle and rotational alignment of the tubes or
    pipes are retained throughout the entire process. 

    By clamping the primary and intersecting tube or pipe in place, the welder can weld the joint without the need of a third hand. The primary clamps bending force compensates for weld stress distortion during the welding process. 

    The Angle-Rite® Clamping System consists of a primary and secondary clamp with die set. The accompanying die sets for the initial model are available for 7/8”, 1”, 1.25”, and 1.5” tube
    diameters and 3/4" pipe & 1" pipe sizes. Other clamp models will be available for larger and
    smaller tube & pipe sizes. Additional die sets, the miter notcher, and the abrasive notcher will
    be sold separately.

    “Having worked in stainless steel fabrication for more than 20 years, I have experienced
    firsthand the complications of weld shrinkage and distortion. The time and materials lost due to
    the naturally occurring shrinkage distortion of metal after welding was frustrating. There was
    no standard repeatable solution available, so I created one.” said Tim Uecker, President of
    Meridian Stainless, Inc. and inventor of the Angle-Rite® Clamping System.

    The clamp will make its first public appearance at the FABTECH tradeshow this year in
    Chicago, November 3 – 6th. More information about the clamp may be obtained at their

    About Meridian Stainless, Inc. and Angle-Rite® Clamping System
    Meridian Stainless, Inc. located in Port Townsend, WA has been providing custom marine
    hardware and custom metalwork specializing in stainless steel for more than 20 years. Tim
    Uecker, is the founder of Meridian Stainless and inventor of the Angle-Rite® Clamping System. The clamp is patented in the United States with foreign patents pending.


  • Angle-Rite® Clamping System
    Angle-Rite®, a new welding clamp for tube and pipe joints controls distortion. Set your desired angle and lock in place. Once set, your locked-in angle is transferable between cutting attachments, and other positions. Helps save time and materials....

  • The patented Angle-Rite® design controls weld shrinkage and distortion by compensating during the welding process. The unique interlocking design holds tube and pipe connections in place. The intersected tube retains its original curvature or straightness after welding.

    Angle-Rite® gives you total control. Set angles visually, simply dial-in the desired angle and lock it in place. Once the angle is set, the secondary clamp and tube are transferable between connections, cutting attachments, and other positions. You can also change the angle without losing track of where you started.

    Angle-Rite® increases safety. For example, you can set up an entire railing; disconnect the interlocking primary and secondary clamps attached to the tubes, and reassemble it at a different location without losing any of your angles or alignments; moving your project to a different location eliminates damage to the project’s finished surfaces and away from flammable materials.

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