Arro-Mark Co LLC

158 W Forest Ave
Englewood,  NJ  07631-4526

United States
  • Booth: A3290

 Press Releases

  • Arromark Company LLC is an industrial manufacturer of marking pens, paints, and inks.

    We specialize in producing markers of a great many applications including standard and specialty industrial applications. We specialize in Industrial Valve Controlled marking implements with permanent and non-permanent paints and inks for use all porous and non-porous surfaces. In addition, we produce marking implements for Bleed Thru oil and water-based primers, Xylene based permanent paints and inks, Polyurethane tag markers for the livestock industry, detergent Removable markers, water removable markers, galvanizer removable markers for the metal fabrication industry, Low Chloride Corrosive and Nuclear Grade markers, Markers for high temperature, Auto body and glass markers, Black-light security markers, and various marking implements for the Textile, Laundry and Dry-Cleaning industries. In addition to what we have already listed, we service custom orders for the aeronautical and aerospace industry, healthcare industry, automotive industry, and agricultural industry. Our markers employ our own patented Valve Controlled delivery system in addition to metal ball point with pump agitated, squeeze pen, bottle, and cappilary-action.

    We will custom manufacture to your specification ink or paint, nibs, and in various marking pen shapes and sizes. Try us! George and Stephanie Pappageorge have been answering your questions such as, "What is this marker?" for the past 30 plus years.


  • PM-92 Mighty Marker Extra Fine
    Patented Valve-Controlled Paint-fed Fiber tip • Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor Use • Permanent, Water Proof & Quick Drying • Fade & Abrasions Resistant Oil Based Opaque Paint • Conforms to ASTM 4236 • Aluminum Barrel • Writes on metal & Most Surfaces...

  • Our newest addition to our Mighty Marker line of permanent paint markers!

    Patented Valve-Controlled Paint-fed Fiber tip • Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor Use • Permanent, Water Proof & Quick Drying • Oil Based Opaque Paint • Conforms to ASTM 4236 • Fade & Abrasions Resistant paint •  Aluminium Barrel • Writes on metal & Most Surfaces

    Available in: Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, Red, Silver, White, Yellow, Violet

    (Custom colors, Nibs, and Sizes available!)

    Stroke: 1.0mm Fine Line • Paint Content: 3ml. • Nibs: Extra-Fine Bullet
    • Base: Xylene • Packed: 12 per box, 144 per carton • Replacement nibs available

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