Asada Corporation

3-60 Kamiiida-Higashimachi
Nagoya-Shi,  Aichi  462-0803

  • Booth: C41220


  • Portabl Band Saw cutting machine
    Best cutting machine for fabricating, welding & metal forming! Straight & high speed automatic cutting up to 12" even with portable. Clean cutting surface saves additional works after cutting. Safe & Dry, No pollution, No spark, Low noise cutting....

  • Best cutting machine for fabricating, welding and metal forming!

    Sutable for cutting steel pipe, conduit pipe, poly vinyl pipe, cast iron pipe, stainless steel pipes, steel material, square pipe, round barm aluminum frame, etc.

    High speed automatic cutting up to 12" even with portable type cutting machine.

    Straight cutting with precise cutting adjustment by oil damper system or spring damper syste.

    Clean cutting surface saves additional work before welding.

    Band Saw realizes safe, no pullution, no spark and low noise cutting.

    Cutting oil is not required since dry cutting .

    We offer wide range of machines up to 12" capacity.

    We have 4", 6", 8", 10", 12" capacity model and both of Chain vise and Flat vise type in 4", 6", 8".



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