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  • LT8.10 FIBER Lasertube Cutting System
    With its powerful 3 kW fiber laser, the new LT8.10 provides excellent flexibility for extremely precise laser cutting on a wide variety of materials and tube shapes....

  • BLM GROUP's new LT8.10 FIBER lasertube cutting system provides excellent flexibility for extremely precise laser cutting on a wide variety of materials. The system is ideal for cutting highly reflective materials such as brass, copper and aluminum and can process round, square, rectangle, flat oval and D-shaped tubes, as well as open profiles such as C and U- shaped channel bar.

    LT8.10 Fiber lasertube cutting system features:

    • 3 kW fiber laser source
    • Cut diameters up to 9.5”
    • Bar weight up to 30 lb./ft.
    • Loading length 28’
    • Unloading length 21’ or 28’
    • Automatic adjustments 3D cutting
    • Material types: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, galvanized
    • Cutting head tilting axis (± 45°) for chamfers and other non-orthogonal cuts
    • Customizable loading with a bundle loader, step-by-step or single bar and unloading using a standard, short part or scrap system
    • Active Tools:
      • Active Scan: This is the definitive tool for compensating for the errors that are created by irregularly shaped or bowed tubes.
      • Active Marking: Automatically add text or data such as the time, date, sequential part number / ID or order number to each part.
      • Active Speed: Machine will dynamically manage all the cutting parameters and deliver the same cut quality in difficult cutting conditions.
      • Active Piercing: Increase piercing speed and reliability even when faced with inconsistent material quality and thickness.
    • Artube: Drawing a part or an entire frame and transforming it into a machine program takes only a few seconds with Artube. You can import 3D models of parts drawn in other CAD programs and send everything needed to start production to the machine on the fly.
    • BLMelements: Our software suite allows you to program, simulate, produce and monitor all your systems – tube bending machines, lasertube machines or sawing machines – from a single control point. Handy, quick and easy to use!

    Watch the new LT8.10 in action! (video)

    BLM GROUP is a global leader in tube and sheet metal processing solutions. Its product line includes laser tube cutting, cold sawing, bending, end-forming, end- machining and wire bending machines. The company has more than 60 years of experience and thousands of applications in the development of tube and sheet metal fabrication equipment.

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