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Boschert USA is the leading North American representative of high precision European fabricating machinery.  For over 40 years we have represented Boschert GmbH with the highest level of support.  By adding carefully selected partners, our business has grown to include Stierli-Bieger horizontal bending machines, PBT 3-roll profile benders and more recently, Picot plate bending rolls featuring EasyRoll, a revolutionary CNC contol.  Also new to Boschert USA is the high precision Boschert-Gizelis line of shears and press brakes.  See all of these products in Booth A2267!


  • Boschert CU FLEX
    An all new 3-in-1 copper bus bar processing center. Punch, shear and bend copper bar on one machine with accuracy and reliability of a Boschert. A simple CNC makes this a perfect cell for short runs and small production of precision copper bus bars....

  • The fabrication of copper bar for switch gear demands special expertise.  Boschert has been a world leader in the manufacture of machines for bus bar work for many years.  Based on their long experience and demand from customers, Boschert has introduced the CU FLEX, a machine designed to punch, shear and bend bus bar in a single working process.

    End to end machining of bus bars is now available for those manufacturers that cannot justify or afford larger, specialized machines for punching and bending bus.  The CU FLEX has three stations aligned one after the other that are selected by the control unit as required by the entered program.  The CU FLEX has a capacity of 45 US tons and is ideal for working copper and aluminum up to 5/8" or 15mm thickness.  Copper, aluminum and steel bar up to 8" wide can be processed.

    The machine is equipped with an automatic back stop and permits the  working of parts up to 1000mm (40") long.  Staffing for three different machine processes is no longer needed and users are presented with fully processed parts, ready for installation. The CNC-controlled back stop is positioned at a speed of 393 ipm and the linear station carrier has a speed of 236 ipm.  Stroke speed is 0.4 inches per second, ensuring dynamic punching, bending and shearing operations.

    All functions on the CU FLEX are controlled by the specially adapted Cybelec CybTouch 12 CNC.  The CNC is intuitive and graphic, automatically calculating required flat lengths needed for bent parts.

    Thanks to the CU-FLEX's integrated stations, it is no longer necessary to procure, install and operate three separate machines. The machine is fully equipped with high-performance special tools that ensure that the finished components are perfectly cut and free from burr. Other features include the exceptionally long service life of the tools, the fact that it is no longer necessary to adjust the cutting gap, and the high repeat accuracy (+/- 0.02 millimeters for the bending stroke) of bending and forming operations. What is more, the CU-Flex excels through its compact design (L x W x H = 2,300 millimeters x 2,600 millimeters x 2,000 millimeters), its lightweight construction of only 3,200 kilograms for easy machine transportation, and its ready-for-use equipment, including tools. Another advantage of the new copper machining center lies in its low-maintenance design.

  • AMB Picot Plate Bending Rolls
    Boschert USA is proud to bring Picot plate bending rolls back to North America. Picot built its first bending rolls for 150 years and invented CNC rolling. They now make a giant step forward with Easybend. Your first part is to spec without correction!...

  • Boschert Precision Machinery is proud to announce the return to the North American market of AMB Picot, the inventor of CNC plate rolls.  Picot was founded in 1864 and has been a leader in the plate rolling industry for over 150 years.  Picot developed the first 100% hydraulic machine in 1973 and delivered the first CNC machine on the market in 1992.

    Since then they have continued to develop the best in 3-roll plate bending technology and are introducing Easybend® to North America at FABTECH 2017.  With Easybend® technology, your first part will be made to specification without correction or requiring years of bending experience.  Built-in material tables allow the operator to enter the pertinent information and make a part with exception quality and ease.  See Picot’s RCE 175 machine with Easybend® technology at the Boschert USA booth, A2267 at FABTECH 2017.

    Picot has developed 3-roll machines that give better pre-bending results that typical 4-roll machines with shorter flats.  Thanks to Picot’s design, construction and optimum spacing between the rolls, pre-bending is easy, accurate and has the shortest flats.  Cone bending is done better and easier on a Picot 3-roll machine versus any 4-roll machine due to maximum torque and a simpler design.

    Pre-formed, 3D plates can also be rolled as the part is not squeezed by rolls as on a 4-roll machine.  In addition, due the wide clearance available, many profiles can be easily rolled.

    For over 40 years, all Picot rolling machines have featured either hydraulic control or numerical control of each cylinder to ensure perfect parallelism throughout the machine’s life.  Absolute linear scale systems guarantee perfect measurement and position control of the rolls.  Bronze bearings are used which can support heavier loads than bearings and require no maintenance.

    Perhaps what sets Picot apart from other plate roll manufacturers is the Human/Machine Interface.  All Picot machines are available with four control options: manual, basic numerical indicator, numerical control with learning mode and full touch screen CNC.  If a machine is ordered with a basic control panel, it can be easily upgraded to electronic or CNC with easy plug-and-play scalability.

    Combined with our patented Easyroll®, Picot machines make productive rolling simple and fast.  Make your first part to spec, without correction!  Automatic generation of programs, pre-bending assistance and automatic cone bending calculations are all included.

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