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Burghardt + Schmidt Group is well-known for ABSOLUTE PRECISION.

The parent company Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH is a company with international reach. Since 1945, B+S has been market leader for the highest standard of precision in slitting and leveling of metal especially thin and delicate metal strips.
The product portfolio includes slitting lines, longitudinal shears, coil processing lines, stretch-bend-leveling lines, traverse spoolers, leveling machines, cut-to-length lines, packaging lines, all segments of a line and associated accessories.

Schnutz GmbH specializes in manufacturing leveling machines for steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous flat products such as strip, plates, and perforated sheet, as well as components. Schnutz is one of the oldest companies that supply their customers with high precision levelers since 1846.
Schnutz also supplies strip feeding lines, roll change cars, service, retrofit and maintenance machines, and supply of new and regrinding of existing leveling rolls are part of the product portfolio. 

 Press Releases

  • Gestamp, the Ludwigsfelde-based specialist company for hot forming, integrated a leveler into an existing system with the help and expertise from Schnutz GmbH.

    At the traditional location in Ludwigsfelde/Germany, Gestamp Umformtechnik produces high-quality car body and chassis components specializing particularly in hot forming. This process involves shaping steel sheets at approximately 950 °C and, in the same work steep, cooling them down to approximately 200 °C. This results in components with very high strength due to the achieved microstructure transformation.Besides flatness, another prerequisite for further processing is a low residual stress.

    Gestamp required a more powerful leveler for thicker material:
    Following intensive research and comparisons, Gestamp decided to trust in customised levelers from the Schnutz company.

    A more efficient leveler with pinch rolls was required, which for reasons of economy needed to be integrated into the existing plant. Some available components such as roller cage and infeed table should be implemented into the new leveler. Schnutz designed a tailor-made solution for Gestamp and secured the existing components onto the new machine. An angular gear was used, assuring a compact drive, despite the great power required.

    By using the new and extremely rigid leveler, it was possible to significantly improve the flatness of the strip prior to entry into the press downstream, even where high yield strengths are present. It was particularly important for the machine to be able to eliminate the strip's troublesome center buckles. By using the new Schnutz leveler, Gestamp has been able to significantly increase the process reliability that is decisive in terms of economy.

    Service by the specialist

    In addition to new machines we offer services “around the leveller” for all brands.
    Our range of services includes:

    • Servicing leveling rolls

    The leveling rolls are practically the Achilles heel of
    levellers. Perfect results can only be achieved with
    high-quality levelling rolls.
    As specialists, we know exactly the requirements in this
    field. Our trained experts detect wear and impending
    defects at an early stage. That way we can service your
    leveling rolls or replace them with new ones from our

    • Fast spare parts production

    If an important component is indeed defective, quick
    response times are a must. But at the same time the
    spare part must be of good quality so that the machinery
    can operate reliably in the long run after the part
    has been replaced.
    Thanks to our strong in-house production depth and
    comprehensive and powerful machinery, we are able
    to ensure this exactly: We manufacture spare and wear
    parts within the shortest possible time so that production
    can start running again.

    • On-site maintenance and repairs

    With the view to keep the costs as low as possible for
    you, our qualified service technicians shall visit you and
    carry out all the necessary maintenance and repair work
    – in your factory of course individual components – in
    particular roll cassettes – can also be maintained and
    repaired by our in-house service workshop.
    Our range of services includes the creation of individual
    and expert dismantling of cassettes or roller sets,
    detailed inspections and professional clean up, the
    renewal of rollers and bearings and regrinding of rolls.
    And of course we fit all components on-site again in
    your leveler.

    • Modernisation by conversion or retrofit

    Even the best leveler stops being state-of-the-art, at
    some point, or stops meeting the market’s current
    requirements. This is not necessarily a reason, however,
    for an expensive new purchase. Depending on the situation,
    it may also be possible to modernise the existing
    machinery, with some adjustments.
    Our expert staff will gladly assist you in making your
    levellers fit for the future. We offer several options,
    depending on the situation, such as a conversion of
    the mechanical system or upgrade of the automation

    • Training by experts

    When it comes to optimum productivity and high levels
    of efficiency, the performance of the leveller or conveyor
    system is only half the battle. Only an appropriately
    qualified operator can really make the most of a
    This is why our levelling technology specialists pass on
    their expertise and experience by way of in-depth training.
    As required, the courses take place either in our
    technical school or in your factory.

  • Flatness requirements for metal strips have increased steadily in recent years. At the same time there is a trend – particularly in the electronics industry – towards increasingly thinner materials. Here, quality improvements through stretch-bend-leveling facilitate further processing considerably. As a result, e.g. dimensional accuracy is increased in the stamping process and thinner surface coatings can be achieved.

    Hence, the cutting and levelling machine specialist Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH (B + S) developed an innovative solution for the leveling of extremely thin copper strips for a Chinese manufacturer. The line is suited for all alloys of the material as well as for phosphor bronze, and allows strips just 30 μm thick to be processed with minimal tolerances. Depending on the starting material, flatnesses down to one I-unit can be achieved.

    The client in China manufactures parts for the electronics industry that need to satisfy exacting
    requirements with regard to surface quality as well as flatness or dimensional accuracy. In this case, extremely thin metal strips are used. At a plant to be redesigned, these are to be prepared for further processing. The aim of the new purchase was to keep the shape tolerance within tight limits during the stamping process. This is vitally important with regard to the automated assembly of electronic components. Besides flatness, the client also defined exclusion criteria relating to the surface quality. This means that the optical density of the end product should not be changed through the processing.

    “Given the clearly recognizable trend for ever thinner strips, the B + S lines constantly reach their control limits. Due to customer requirements as well as the results of corresponding market analyses, we have therefore pressed ahead with basic developments for some time. These generally allow the levelling of metal strips that are just 20 μm thick,” explains Volker Lüdecke, technical manager at B + S. The concept presented and the company’s extensive experience in stretch-bendlevelling was ultimately the decisive factors in winning the contract from China.

    Cassette with 8 mm levelling rollers

    For the build-up of tension, the line has four rollers on the braking side, that is, in front of the leveling machine. Around these rollers runs the metal strip. And together with the decoiler, they generate the back tension. Behind the leveling machine the four tension rollers, together with the recoiler, pull on the strip. By means of force superposition (tension and bending) between the groups of upper and lower levelling rollers, the internal tensions and shape deviations of the strips are reduced. To achieve a sufficient levelling effect in the case of very thin strips with material thicknesses of between 30 and 200 μm, the metal strip specialist has developed a cassette with a leveling roller diameter of 8 mm.

    For thicknesses greater than 200 μm, 12 mm leveling rollers are used. Deviations are automatically detected by a Vollmer shapemeter roll for continuous strip shape measurement. Strip zones with waves exert less force on the segmented roller than flat strip zones. A software calculates the mathematical formula for the strip shape with the help of the measured values and uses this to create a 3D model. Based on this, the necessary position of the levelling roller supports can be calculated and automatically adjusted. Manual readjustment is unnecessary.

    A special feature are the four adjusting axles at the upper leveling cassette, which ensure the ultra-precise position of the three spatial axes. “Depending on the initial flatness, evennesses down to one I-unit can thus be achieved. This corresponds to a 0.2 mm high and 100 mm long wave in the strip,” explains Lüdecke. Highly dynamic drive
    for broad control spectrum

    In principle, all copper alloys are processed on the line without restrictions, with the strips having a wide range of cross-sections and the tensile strength of the material varying between 300 and 1,100 N/mm2. The thickness thus lies between 30 and 500 μm and the width is between 100 and 450 mm, which results in an aspect ratio of 1:75. If the yield strength of 200 to 1,050 N/mm2 is added, the ratio to be controlled for is 1:390.

    Due to this wide spectrum, the strip tension is measured directly at the decoiler and recoiler as well as in front of the levelling machine and serves as a control value for the drives. These are equipped with highly dynamic AC motors. The installed capacity here amounts to around 550 kW.

    “Feed-in is performed with Sinamics S120 Basic Line assemblies, so that the regenerative energy can be reused via an energetic recovery system on the pull side – that is, for the motors after the levelling machine. This leads to significant energy savings,” says Lüdecke, thus pointing out one of the main advantages of the line.

    Activation is performed by fully digitalised inverters, which are coupled to the PLC of the line controller via Profibus L2-DP. The actual control functions are controlled via a microprocessor that enables not only considerable ease of operation but also easy start-up and maintenance.


    THE FIRST TOOL OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD! Quality control for all slitting processes during Slitting Process! ...

  • Inline Burr height measuring system -  EP300 - Inline

    Due to the high demand for inline burr height measuring systems, the slitting and leveling expert B+S Group developed the EP300 - Inline together with Focalspec: With it, the strips can also be measured during the running line. The camera is integrated into the system and measures the quality of the stripes according to the requirements of the customer in the current production process. Their edges are automatically approached by the camera, whereby the measurement time and speed can be set individually.

    In addition, measurement is possible from the top, bottom or from both sides of the stripes. If the customer needs other dimensions, this can be adapted to his wishes.

    The EP300 - Inline provides measurement logs, quality reports and statistics as well. Individual quality standards and permissible limits can thus be entered, which ensures a constant check. At any time the user can determine the cutting edge of his products and easily measure all strips. The light source of the unit generates spectra on the surface of the strip during the measurement and determines the fine structure of the reflected light.

    It has a measuring accuracy of 1 μm, checks all strips of a coil - even from the middle - and ensures the consistently perfect cutting quality thanks to the early detection of wear on the blades.

    B+S has introduced a new VACUUM TENSION STAND for slitting lines. Material thickness from 0.001” to 0.125” can be tightly rewound without the help of any other tensioning devise....

  • Burghardt + Schmidt has introduced a new VACUUM TENSION STAND for slitting lines. This new Vacuum Brake only touches the material on the bottom surface of the slit strips eliminating marks to the surface of the slit material. The Vacuum drum rotates with the material as it travels to the Recoiler.

    This Vacuum stand is good for Tin Plate, Soft Copper, Aluminum or any surface critical material. Material thickness from 0.001” to 0.125” can be tightly rewound without the help of any other tensioning devise.

    The vacuum force and width settings are setup at the operator control panel. This vacuum stand is also adjustable for different width from full width to specific narrower strip widths. It can operate slitting on the drive side, operator side or center. An option for automatically feeding the material into the Recoiler is available.

    Burghardt + Schmidt are manufacturers of metal coil processing systems including Slitting lines, Cut-to-Length lines, Stretch-Bend-Leveling lines, Levelers and Packaging systems. Machinery is designed and built at our facility in Remchingen, Germany and sold through representatives in the USA. With more than 20 installations in the USA and a full service group to assist our customers B+S is well prepared to be your partner for success, delivering absolute precision with every line.

    Precise. More Precise. B+S

    For additional information on the Burghardt & Schmidt Group please visit our website


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