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United States
  • Booth: B33092


  • CH-10448
    CH-10448 is optimal tool for manufacturing in shoes making industry, plastic products manufacturing industry etc....

  • It’s optimal tool for manufacturing in following fields,

    • All kinds of car seats in the welding assembly, CH-10448 used in the “platform equipment for welding” to do with positioning bolt and clamps.
    • Forming foam for the luxury car seat production, CH-10448 used in the “foam molds” to do with clamps.
    • Dashboards and the parts (with PU material), CH-10448 used in the “foam mold” to do with locking clamps.
    • CH-10448 used in the PU foam soles mold to make PU soles with clamps in shoes making industry.
    • CH-10448 used in injection molding production line in plastic products manufacturing industry.

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