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Rockford,  IL  61109-2622

United States
  • Booth: C41026


  • Robot Assisted Drilling & Servo Tapping Machines
    Robots reduce operator interface cutting labor costs. Servo tappers increase tap life and eliminate expensive lead screws. An ideal machine for high volume precision production reducing setup, labor and tooling costs while increasing productivity....

  • The Robot assisted machines used for loading and unloading eliminate the need for constant operator interface, thus reducing labor costs.  This allows one operator to manage several machines at once. Coupled with new controller options, the machine can provide real time quality and production information to the operator and management.

    The servo tapper features the flexibility of infinitely adjustable speeds and feeds, significantly increasing tap life and eliminating the need for expensive lead screws. This is an ideal machine for high volume precision production and can be justified by reduce setup, reduced labor, reduced per part tooling costs and increased productivity.  

    See our Robot assisted machine at Booth C41026.

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