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Since the foundation, CS Control Software Oy has been leading the way in the automation industry and the Internet of Things (IoT). Our objective is delivering a quality service combined with the first class products to the customers on a planned time and satisfaction. Our toolkit includes Augmented Intelligence-, Augmented Reality-, Virtual Reality-, Data analysis- and other automation services.

 Press Releases

  • A sophisticated algorithm makes automation smart

    CS Control Software, a Finnish company, has developed a smart automation system for street light control, based on a learning algorithm. In the future, the innovation can also be used in other fields.

    “The public sector is investing in automation in all industrialised countries because automation can be used to create new functionalities and safer solutions and attain major cost and energy savings,” says Juhana Kerppola, Business Development Director of CS Software.

    The company has received major support for R&D investments related to street lighting, and its focus is strongly international.  There is considerable demand for the innovation in the Nordic countries and the densely populated growth centres in Asia.

    “Our sophisticated algorithm works like a neuro-network. With the algorithm, an automation system develops and learns to become even more efficient by utilising both internal and external information sources that in this case comprise traffic congestion, average speed and weather and lightness data,” says Product Development Manager Lionel Reya.

    “The system utilises previously collected and analysed data and compares it to real-life information. The comparison models created can be utilised in any conditions and offer a simulation capability using which sufficient electricity supply, for instance, which is a critical factor in many growth centres in Asia, can be secured.”

    The sophisticated algorithms used in the Optimux system can also be utilised in other fields in future. Any types of sensors and parameters can be connected to the system, as a result of which automation is capable of observing the environment instead of being a static system.

    “Automation and IoT are here to stay. With algorithms, automation becomes increasingly more efficient, and its use will increase considerably in the future, thanks to the above benefits,” Kerppola concludes.

    Founded in 2006, CS Control Software Oy is an automation company that delivers, programs and maintains automation systems for infrastructure, power plants, the maritime industry and uranium mines.

    The sophisticated algorithms developed by the company for street light control can also be utilised in automation solutions in other fields.

    The company has a strong multisector and multinational team of experts in three locations in Finland, Singapore and Egypt.

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