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  • AIRHAWK™ Cartridge Dust Collectors
    The Airhawk is a modular cartridge dust collector system. It can be expanded as your business grows and offers a range of technical features. The result is a filter system that is cost-effective to operate and maintain....

  • The Airhawk dust collector system is designed for welding, buffing and grinding applications, pharmaceutical and food plants, bulk and powder processes and many more...


    • Vertical Cartridge filters (dust falls off the cartridge and into the hopper instead of accumulating on the surface as is the case with horizontal cartridge collectors)
    • Modular for various air volume capacities
    • Automatic reverse pulse cartridge cleaning system
    • Interior or exterior installation
    • Multiple dust storage configurations
    • Shipped in modules to reduce shipping costs
    • Heavy Duty 10-gauge mainframe with 12-gauge panel construction
    • Many different accessories available to meet NFPA and OSHA regulations

    Options and Accessories:

    • HEPA afterFilter
    • Silencer
    • Dust drawer
    • Spunbond polyester filters
    • Abort damper
    • Explosion vent
    • Blowback damper
    • Catwalk platform and ladder
    • Spark detection and suppression
    • Variable Frequency Drive
    • Low profile
    • Custom Paint Color

    Air Hawk Advantages
    • Models: From 2 to 96 filters allows for system growth.
    • Vertical design ensures efficient cleaning of filters.
    • 10 gauge powder coated steel construction.
    • Continuous operation on line and off line Venturi assisted Reverse Pulse
    • Each filter is pulsed separately which reduces internal static pressure
    extending filter life and overall dust collector performance.
    • Efficient Filtration: OPEN-PLEAT Nanofiber Merv 15 cartridges
    • Cleaning system with vertical high-efficiency filter cartridges. Includes:
    6” compressed air header, nozzled purge pipes, diaphragms, solenoid
    valves in NEMA 4 enclosure. Diaphragms are factory plumbed to the

    Direct - A - Flow™
    • Inlet baffle separates larger dust particulates before they
    reach the filters by directing the dust into the hopper.
    • Prevents large particulates from directly impacting the filters.
    • Helps separate sparks from inlet air flow.

    Fast simple filter replacement
    • Single access, no tools required.
    • Clamp bars provide easy filter clamping and sealing.
    • No doors or knobs to be removed.

    Fan Specifications
    • Direct Drive/Backward Inclined blower wheel.
    • TEFC VFD compatible Premium efficiency motor saves energy

    Available Options

    Explosion Vents
    Domed rupture disks manufactured from 304SS, 11.6 sq ft (1.08 sq meters) each. Standard vent area is suitable for Class ST1 dust with a Kst value below 200 bar*m/sec. The standard vents are designed for ambient temperature conditions. The maximum operating pressure is negative 3 PSI. Consult the factory for operating conditions other than those stated.

    H.E.P.A Afterfilters
    • 16-gauge steel frame with a zinc aluminum alloy finish that creates a durable,
    dimensionally-stable corrosion-resistant enclosure and is assembled without the use of
    penetration fasteners, ensuring leak-free performance for the life of the filter.
    • Corrugated aluminum safe-edge separators to provide uniform airflow throughout the media.
    • The Micro glass fiber media is highly resistant to moisture in high humidity environments.
    • Has a one-piece seamless urethane gasket to ensure a leak-free filter-to-holding mechanism.
    seal and are individually tested per IEST Recommended Practice IEST-RP-CC001

    Soft Start
    • Nema 12 enclosure, Magnetic SOFT START motor starter, Fuses, Thermal overload.
    • Step down transformer, Illuminated on/off buttons, Three position selector switch.
    • Integrated pulse sequencer controller board, Rotary disconnect, CSA approved.

    Blowback Damper Specifications:
    • 12 gauge steel construction, Flange bearings, Cover type access door.
    • Inlet and outlet boltable ring, Installed on inlet.
    • Ensure no re-entrainment when the blower is off.
    • Ensure there is a seal if a fire occurs, stopping the.
    smoke from returning to the shop via the ductwork.

    Abort Damper Specifications:
    • 12 gauge steel construction, Electronically controlled hinged drop plate
    • Used to divert & expel air back into the atmosphere as soon as there
    is detection of sparks or flames.
    • Installed on the return duct.

    Fire Detection & Suppression System Specifications:
    • Single Zone Control Panel, Dual High Sensitivity Infra-Red Spark Detector with flange mount.
    • Sense-Check self-test feature, Spray assembly - solenoid controller water.
    spray assembly and strainer, supervised water shutoff valve.
    • 24 Volt DC Alarm Horn w/ 4.5 Amp backup batteries.

    Floor Stand + Hopper
    • 54” clearance under hopper discharge flange.
    • Designed for seismic zone 3 and 100 mph wind load.

    Large Pyramid Hopper(s) Option:
    • Hopper with single outlet. Includes support leg height adjustment mechanism.

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