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  • Although magnetic clamping solutions are extensively applied among users of machine tools in the metalworking industry, it is hardly known in metal stamping although many advantages could result from its wider adaptation. Significant reduction in die change time as well as increased safety can be obtained and the task involved simplified.

    Next to traditional hydraulic clamping solutions EAS mold & die change systems offers already for many years permanent electric magnetic systems for injection molding machines as well as metal stamping presses. The biggest advantage of these clamping systems is that no standardization of dies is required, which is a big advantage as in many companies no standardization of dies is or is hardly available.

    The other advantage is that only electric power is required during a few seconds to magnetize and to demagnetize the clamping force. During operation, the system continues to function without power input (and power outage does not make it less safe!)

    Combined with other components from the large EAS product portfolio such as air operated die lifters and bolster extensions or pre rollers, a die change is done within a few minutes instead of hours.

    The EAS program offers also a new range of motorized pre rollers to move in and out heavy dies of 10 tons and a lot heavier.

  • At the Fabtech 2017, EASchangesystems will present a comprehensively extended product portfolio for quick die changing (QDC) on forming presses. The products are specially designed for the operating conditions on presses and punching machines for metal processing. The company is a component as well as system supplier that can offer a one-stop source of all components and if required also the installation.

    A complete new range of improved bolster extensions or pre-rollers will be on display. With the help of these pre-rollers the tool can be placed on these products by means of a forklift truck or by crane and then simple rolled in and later out the press. To enable simple movement over the press bed EAS offers also a complete range of die lifters, either spring loaded, air or hydraulic operated.  For heavy dies motorized pre rollers for different die sizes and die weights will make a die change simple and quick in only a few minutes. (Photo 1)

    Mechanical and hydraulic clamping products are more and more replaced by permanent electric magnetic clamping. These systems developed by EAS have the advantage of uniform clamping forces and do not require standardized dies. Ones activated the magnetic force will remain even when there should be an electric power problem. (photo 2)

    The EASchangesystems range encompasses not only equipment for moving and clamping tools on the press, but also complete solutions for transport and maintenance-covering indeed the complete range from manual tool movement via roller conveyor systems and heavy load stackers in adapted special versions of fully automatic transport and die change systems. With its many years of specialization in production automation, EAS provide system competence to create the most efficient solution in each individual joint project

    EAS mold & die change systems Inc.


    Booth A 5251

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