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Fluoramics has provided premier sealants, lubricants and rust inhibiting products to the welding and metal industries for 50 years. All of the products, including Tufoil Technology lubricants, use a proprietary dispersion of PTFE which is engineered to provide superb lubrication, more robust surface film management, and longer lasting protection against leaks and corrosion.

Formula-8 Paste and LOX-8 Paste and Grease are sealants engineered for use with bottled gases as they are oxygen-safe and impervious to harsh chemicals. Providing excellent performance as a lubricant and sealant, LOX-8 also withstands both extreme temperatures and high pressure.

HinderRUST, available in three versions, prevents flash rust and provides long-lasting protection against corrosion. Its unique wetting and lubricating capabilities allow HinderRUST to penetrate deep into joints, crevasses, and wire ropes.

All of Fluoramics’ products are solvent-free, non-flammable, and low-VOC, making them ideal for all uses, including welding.

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 Press Releases

  • Winona, Minn. – (October 14, 2017) Minnesota-based Fluoramics, Inc. announced today that three of its leading products — LOX-8 Paste, LOX-8 Grease, and Formula-8 — have received registration from the NSF International Guidelines for Nonfood Compounds. As registered products, they now appear in the NSF White Book and are approved for use in food processing and handling facilities throughout the United States.

    The NSF program is a continuation of the USDA product approval and listing program, which is based on meeting regulatory requirements including FDA 21 CFR for appropriate use, ingredient, and labeling review. NSF International is the only independent organization that provides product registration for nonfood compounds such as lubricants, thread sealants and chemicals used in food processing machinery.

    Food manufacturers can now confidently use the following Fluoramics products in their food handling equipment, and can obtain detailed safety data sheets on each product through the Fluoramics website:

    LOX-8® Paste (NSF No 155105) is an inert, non-toxic PTFE thread sealant that is specifically formulated for high-temperature and high-pressure environments. LOX-8 Paste protects stainless steel fittings from galling and self-welding, and is also approved for use with liquid and gaseous oxygen.

    Formula-8® thread sealant (NSF No 155103) is a shear-sensitive paste that sheets out into PTFE strings and tightly seals threaded joints in non-aqueous conditions. Formula-8 works on all sizes of threads, and replaces the need for PTFE tape in most applications. Originally approved in 1969 by the Department of Agriculture, the Formula-8 registration is now updated with NSF approval.

    LOX-8® Grease (NSF No 155104) is a non-flammable and non-toxic lubricant that is both oxygen safe and waterproof. Engineered to prevent stainless steel galling, LOX-8 Grease withstands extremely high and low temperatures, and is not affected by harsh chemicals such as chlorine and ammonia.


    About Fluoramics

    Fluoramics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of PTFE sealants, greases, lubricants and rust inhibitors. Founded in New Jersey in 1967, the company is now based in Winona, Minnesota, and proudly manufactures all of its products in the United States.

    For more information or product shots, please contact Patti Reick, Marketing Manager.

  • Winona, Minn. – (October 14, 2017) HinderRUST is a solvent-free all-in-one rust-stopping and lubricating product that aggressively wets and spreads across application surfaces.

    The uses for HinderRUST include protecting newly machined parts from flash rusting, preventing rust on chains, wire rope cables, tools and firearms, and protecting molds and dies from corrosion. The Tufoil Technology lubricating agent in HinderRUST not only enables the rust inhibitors to spread across and into treated surfaces, but also frees up frozen joints and fasteners.

    HinderRUST is available in three versions: 

    • R2.0 is designed for short-term surface protection, and is removable by heavy washing to allow for final finishing; 

    • S4.0 for standard rust-prevention uses; 

    • And HV100, which slowly self-polymerizes over time and provides added protection in cases of extreme exposure to rust-producing conditions. 

    All three versions are solvent-free which means they can be used in enclosed areas. HinderRUST products also utilize engineered PTFE suspensions developed by Fluoramics, Inc.

    Fluoramics is known both for its invention of Tufoil Engine Treatment, an engine oil additive known as the world’s most slippery substance, and for its line of oxygen-safe thread sealants and greases, LOX-8 and Formula-8.

    For more information on HinderRUST, see www.fluoramics.com.


    About Fluoramics

    Fluoramics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of PTFE sealants, greases, lubricants and rust inhibitors. Founded in New Jersey in 1967, the company is now based in Winona, Minnesota, and proudly manufactures all of its products in the United States.

    For product shots or more information about Fluoramics and its products, please contact Patti Reick, Marketing Manager.

  • Winona, Minn. – (November 6, 2017) Fluoramics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of sealants, lubricants, and rust inhibitors for the metal fabrication industry, has announced that in celebration of its 50th Anniversary, it will offer a 20% discount coupon to anyone who stops by Booth C41601 at FABTECH and registers for Fluoramics’ monthly informational email. Registrants will receive a promo code good until January 30, 2018 which may be used on all orders placed through their website.

    Since 1967, Fluoramics has been a world leader in engineered polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) solutions, including many breakthrough products for the metal fabrication industry:

        1967 – introduced Formula-8, the world’s first PTFE thread sealant

        1973 – introduced Tufoil Engine Treatment, the world’s first patented engine treatment with PTFE

        2011 – introduced HinderRUST, the world’s first rust inhibitor with PTFE 

    PTFE is an incredibly versatile fluorocarbon solid that underpins every product manufactured by Fluoramics. PTFE is hydrophobic (repels water) and non-reactive (unaffected by harsh chemicals), and it has one of the lowest coefficients of friction of any solid, making it extremely slippery. Through decades of research, Fluoramics engineers have developed novel ways to suspend PTFE in liquids and pastes to make thread sealants more robust, lubricants more slippery, and rust inhibitors more protective and longer lasting. 

    Many Fluoramics products are ideally suited to sectors of the metal fabrication industry:

    Gas Cylinders and Gas Filling Equipment

    -    Formula-8 oxygen-safe thread sealant is widely used to seal valves on high-pressure cylinders. A white shear-sensitive paste, Formula-8 sheets into PTFE strings as a fitting is torqued to tightly pack the threads.

    -    LOX-8 Paste is certified for use in gaseous and liquid oxygen systems, and is the ideal choice for sealing fittings on cryogenic and industrial gas systems. LOX-8 Paste withstands extreme temperatures and pressures, and is unaffected by caustic acids and bases. It is widely used to seal the fittings on gas storage systems and gas tankers.

    Fabrication of Steel and Stainless Steel

    -    LOX-8 Paste is an inert and non-toxic thread sealant that prevents galling on stainless steel fittings and is unaffected by harsh chemicals. In 2017, LOX-8 Paste received NSF registration approving it for use in food handling facilities.

    -    HinderRUST R2.0 is a short-term, solvent-free rust inhibitor used to prevent flash rusting of fabricated steel parts prior to finishing. HinderRUST products are solvent-free and flame-resistant.

    Fabrication Machinery

    -    LOX-8 Paste is used to seal oxygen propellant lines on plasma-cutting machines.

    -    Industrial Tufoil protects against scoring and scratching in operations such as stamping and deep drawing.

    -    Lightning Grease is a jellied version of Tufoil that lubricates machine parts, reducing operating temperatures and wear, and extending the life of the machine.

    -    LOX-8 Grease is fire-proof and ideal for protecting gears and bearings.

    About Tufoil®

    The magic behind Tufoil Engine Treatment is the incredibly tiny PTFE particles that are suspended in the oil, enabling engines to run smoother and quieter, and last a very long time. Tufoil delivers faster cranking speed in all weather conditions, better gas mileage, increased horsepower, and extended engine life. In 1997, the Guinness Book of World Records identified Tufoil® to be the world’s most efficient lubricant.

    About Fluoramics

    Fluoramics Inc. is a leading manufacturer of sealants, greases, lubricants and rust inhibitors – all of which are engineered PTFE solutions. Founded in 1967, the company is based in Winona, Minnesota, and proudly manufactures all of its products in the United States. To learn more about Fluoramics products, please visit the Fluoramics booth C41601, or explore the company’s website at www.fluoramics.com


    Company contact:

    Patti Reick

    Marketing Manager

    Fluoramics, Inc.




  • Formula-8
    Formula-8 is an oxygen-safe sealant which seals threads in gas, liquid and vacuum service without the need for tape. It uses PTFE in a shear-sensitive thixotropic paste to seal threaded joints with PTFE strings when torqued....

  • Formula-8 seals threads in gas, liquid and vacuum service. It uses PTFE in a shear-sensitive white thixotropic paste to seal threaded joints with PTFE strings when torqued. The seals are formed over the entire thread length. Even fine threads in instrumentation systems are sealed effectively over the entire thread length. It won’t deteriorate from ‐400°F to +500°F and is stable in pressures up to 10,000 psi and in vacuums 103 torr.                                           

    Formula-8 has been tested and certified for use in gaseous and liquid oxygen by NASA (ASTM G72) and also by BAM (German Federal Institute for Materials Testing).

  • LOX-8
    LOX-8 Paste and LOX-8 Grease are recommended in cases where oxygen or harsh chemicals like chlorine are present. LOX-8 withstands extreme temperatures and high pressure, plus is anti-galling, anti-seizing, non-flammable, odorless and non-migrating....

  • LOX-8 Paste and LOX-8 Grease are PCTFE/PTFE thread sealants and greases highly recommended for use in situations where oxygen or harsh chemicals such as chlorine or powerful oxidizers are present. They are the products of choice in applications where critical safety and resistance to aggressive chemicals are primary requirements. LOX-8 withstands both high extreme temperatures and high pressure. 

    They are oxygen-compatible, anti-galling, anti-seizing, non-flammable, odorless, non-toxic, non-migrating and easy to apply.

    Specifically formulated for wet conditions, but can also be used in dry conditions, LOX-8 is a high-density sealant expressly designed for severe high-pressure applications.

    LOX-8 Paste and grease are certified by both NASA (ASTM G72) and BAM.

    LOX-8 Paste applications typically include oxygen and chlorine systems, cryogenics, medical equipment, welding, nitrous oxide systems, and stainless steel anti-galling situations.

    LOX-8 Grease applications include oxygen service bearings, valves, o-rings, pumps, and regulators.

  • HinderRUST
    HinderRUST is a solvent-free all-in-one rust-stopping, rust-inhibiting, and lubricating product that aggressively wets and spreads across any surface to which it is applied. It stops flash rust, plus provides long-term protection against corrosion....

  • HinderRUST is a solvent-free all-in-one rust-stopping, rust-inhibiting, and lubricating product that aggressively wets and spreads across any surface applied. Available in three versions, HinderRUST provides protection in both indoor and outdoor situations. Because it is solvent-free, it is safe to use in enclosed areas

    HinderRUST R2.0 “The Rust Protector” provides temporary surface protection for metal parts that need protection after fabrication, or during storage and transportation. It is removable by washing to allow for final finishing. 

    HinderRUST S4.0 “The Rust Stopper” is a self-repairing rust protector and lubricant that adheres aggressively to the surface and actively spreads into deep corners, cracks, and crevasses.  

    HinderRUST HV100 “The Rust Shield” is a high viscosity formula that slowly self-polymerizes into a wax-like coating that provides extreme and lasting protection against rust in even the most severe weather conditions and environments.

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