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  • When we designed our new KKS500 our expressed goal was to maximize OEE in terms of quality (only good parts), performance (as fast as possible) and machine availability (no to low stop-time). The KKS500 is engineered to meet highest requirements when cutting up to 7.4’’ / 190 mm round or square parts - especially ultra-high-strength steels. The KKS500 machine bed is foamed without patented HYDROPOL filling extensively used by leading European high-precision machine tool manufacturers. The moveable saw blade damping unit provides a stable fixing for the saw blade. Finally the strong gearbox and drive allow for adjusted cutting force and speed to cut in a range from nickel-based alloys to ultra-high-strength steels. A key factor regarding total cost of ownership is the life time of sawblades. The new KKS500 refers to the technology which framag used in the existent circular sawing machines. Our experience shows that the replacement time of the saw blade is 10 times longer as a traditional band saw blade. The second advantage is the cutting cycle time which is 6 times shorter as a band saw for a 11.8" / 300mm billet. So only one circular saw can replace up to eight band saws – another optimization of TCO costs.

    For more information please schedule a meeting (  with me at our booth B13090.


  • KKS500 circular sawing machine
    framag's billet sawing machine KKS500 has been developed for high efficiency cutting. This include high reliability, small footprint, increased cutting accuracy, improved life time of sawblade and the overall result is the lowest cutting costs!! ...

  • framag's billet sawing machine has been developed for high efficiency cutting of billets especially for mass production, where high reliability and high output is required. High performance of the machine together with increased cutting accuracy and improved life time of the saw blades are achieved by the special design of the base frame and cutting table.

    In combination with the high power clamping system for the work piece and the use of framag's patented unique HYDROPOL® compound material, these components enable to perfect the damping characteristics of the whole sawing machine and therefore to improve the accuracy of the cuts. The life time of the saw blades will be extended.

    Carbide tipped saw blades are used to cut without coolant water, enabling to reduce production costs and to save the environment.

    For further information see our product information:

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