G.RAU GmbH & Co KG  

Kaiser-Friedrich-Strasse 7
Pforzheim,  75172

49 7231 2080
  • Booth: C40217

G.RAU processes and refines more than 200 various kinds of metals and metal alloys into products.

G. RAU is an expert in the manufacturing of: thermobimetal strips, contact bimetal, precision seamless tubes, profiles, wires, thermal actuators, shaped memory actuators, precision high speed stampings, deep drawn stampings, and extruded parts.

We specialize in the use of precious metals, special alloys and composite materials. Examples include: copper alloys, stainless steel, nitinol, titanium, tantalum, and cobalt-chromium.

G.RAU has become an established preferred supplier in the fields of automotive, electrical, appliance, measurement, and instrumentation, and medical.

Today, with more than 600 employees, G.RAU is still a family-owned metal engineering company with three production sites in Pforzheim, one in Costa Rica and a subsidiary in the United States. G.RAU is also the parent company of several well-known suppliers in the field of medical technology: such as the two Pforzheim-based enterprises EUROFLEX GmbH and ADMEDES GmbH. Both companies are global market leaders in their respective product areas.

 Press Releases

  • G.RAU is proud to offer localized high-speed metal stamping in North America at our Cartago, Costa Rica location.  We can now support complex stampings for the automotive (and other) industry in North America.  This location is in close proximity to customer manufacturing locations in Mexico.  Free-trade agreements are in place with the US, Mexico, and Canada.  

    G.RAU has been operating in Costa Rica producing precision seamless tubes for the US medical industry since 2012.


  • Precision Seamless Tubes from Exotic Alloys
    Precision drawn seamless or welded tubes/profiles/wires from titanium, cobalt chromium. 316 LVM, 321, Inconel, Monel, and Nitinol....

  • G.RAU offers an extensive variety of precision seamless and welded tubes, profiles, and wires from exotic material and alloys.

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