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  • Toolox® 44
    Toolox® 44 is a highly engineered quench & tempered pre-hardened tool and machine steel with measured and guaranteed mechanical properties....

  • Toolox® 44

    Pre-hardened Steel 45 HRC with ESR Properties

    Toolox® 44 is a highly engineered quench & tempered pre-hardened tool and machine steel with measured and guaranteed mechanical properties. Toolox® 44 is delivered ready to use, no heat treating required, saving you valuable production time, reducing risks and lowering overall costs.

    Product Features

    • Quench and tempered steel

    • Ready to use, no additional heat treatment required

    • Easy to machine with good dimensional stability

    • High strength and toughness at elevated temperatures

    • Double the toughness of comparable steels at the same hardness

    • Excellent for etching, polishing and EDM

    • Low residual stress, no stress relieving required

    • Excellent substrate for surface treatments

    • Supplied as (HR) plate, thickness 1" to 5-1/8"


    • Cold Work Tooling

    • Machine Components

    • Wear Components

    • Guide Rails

    • Plastic Molds

    • Rubber Molds

    • Press Forming

    • Forging Dies

    • Die Cast Dies

    Characteristics & Advantages

    Toolox is a steel with ESR properties. The CSR casting process together with the low carbon concept gives a high degree of cleanliness and a homogenious structure. Fundamental factors to provide you with an excellent substrate for machining, polishing, texturing and EDM.


    By working with a low carbon concept and a very high cooling rate, we have produced a steel that is two to three times tougher than comparable steels of similar hardness. The high hardness, in combination with excellent toughness, ensures lower tool wear and high levels of output when the tool is in service.


    Toolox has unique toughness and fatigue properties, which remarkably increase the lifespan of the tool or machine component. Thanks to its ultra-high cleanliness, the surface and not the steel is the critical question for the fatigue properties.

    High Temperature Properties

    Toolox 44 has high strength and toughness at elevated temperatures, even with extended contact times. This heat resistance makes Toolox 44 excellent for tools and components working at high temperature.

    Low Residual Stress

    Toolox is delivered in a quenched and tempered condition. The high tempering temperature gives very low residual stress levels. Even after heavy machining Toolox does not require stress relieving.

    Etching, Polishing & EDM

    Thanks to the advanced CSR casting technology, Toolox is effectively free of segregation and has a very high level of cleanliness. This makes Toolox excellent for etching and polishing, and the EDM process works with no problems at all.

    Welding & Gas Cutting

    The effective quenching used when producing Toolox gives the possibility to use a low alloy content compared to regular tool and machine steel. This gives Toolox better weldability and makes it easier to cut.

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