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Carell Corporation and Eagle Bending Machines, Inc. offer innovative bending solutions with our Industrial Grade Angle Rolls, Section Benders, 2-3 & 4 Roll Sheet & Plate Rolls, Tube/Pipe Benders, Tank Head Forming Equipment, Production Systems, Rebar Benders and Ornamental Bar Workers. CNC Controls and Material Handling Options are available on most all machines. Horizontal Presses, Corner Notchers, Manual Benders and Custom Machines are also supplied. Carell and Eagle manufacture tooling In-House and provide parts and service. Carell and Eagle machine warranties and service surpass industry standards. We maintain a stock of over 120 bending machines ready for rapid delivery. All machines are stocked at our facility and tested twice prior to shipment for the ultimate in quality assurance. For 2018 Carell announces partnership with Parmigiani, renowned builder of the highest quality plate rolls since 1927. The VBH 4 Rolls, TBH 3 Rolls, PCO Translating Geometry Rolls and tank head dishing presses and flanging machines incorporate leading edge technology regarding structural design, electronics and hydraulics to result in the strongest, most versatile and maintenance free machines available. With 4 programmable, NC & CNC controls, including the 3D CAD Graphics "Stradivari" CNC, the VBH 4 Roll Plate Roll offers a control option best suited to any and all production needs.  


  • VBH 4 Roll CNC Parmigiani Plate Roll
    4 Roll Advanced Technology Plate Roll with "Stradivari" 3D-CAD Graphics CNC controls including “Facile” & “Field Bus” digital and optical communication making VBH 4 Roll plate rolls the most responsive machines available...

  • VBH 4 Roll CNC Parmigiani Plate Roll 10' x 1/2" capacity machine includes induction hardened and polished rolls, "Stradivari" 3D CAD Graphics CNC controls, predisposition for dual lateral and one overhead material supports. Top rolls include rapid disconnect couplings for use of optional interchangeable top roll with smaller diameter. Top roll to pinch roll speed synchronization is all-digital. Electrics and electronics employ "Facile" & "Field Bus" systems use fiber optic communication. Components connect via military grade plug & play socket connectors. The Parmigiani CNC system senses the end stroke points and instantaneously reduces the pressure to zero as it arrives at its stroke limit or programmed target point in an automated cycle. The roll movement response is phenomenally fast & smooth. The system designed provides quiet energy saving electric motor load reduction.  All VBH rolls have on board graphic diagnostic that indicate the functionality of signals to every machine component. Easily upgrade any machine equipped with the "FAST" CNC control to the top of the line "Stradivari" 3D CAD CNC by plug & play installation.  Over 100 models of VBH machines are standard from 3' to 14' long and custom lengths. Machines are available with thickness capacities up to 6". Experience the "New Era" of plate roll technology with the partnership of Carell Corporation & Parmigiani. The TBH 3 Roll Double Pinch and PCO Translating Geometry Plate Rolls incorporate all of the advantages of the VBH 4 Roll machines.  Always keep ahead of production with Parmigiani Roll Bending Technology.

  • Carell T40 DIGI Dual Axis Horizontal Press
    The New T40 Dual axis horizontal press with digital programming has a powered back gauge. This hydraulic press will bend, fold, crimp, punch and form a variety of materials in flat, square, round, tubular & special shapes....

  • Carell's New 40 Ton, T40 DIGI dual axis horizontal press bends with precision repeatability. Punch and powered back gauge are programmable. The work table is unobstructed. The hydraulic ram is below the work surface. Only the punch and die are above the work table so completely closed shapes and shorter bend to bend lengths are possible.  DIGI Models have dual speeds and an air/oil cooler for continuous operation and automatic lubrication systems for low maintenance. The New DIGI-SIMPLYLOGIK software allows programming using degree of bend or point to point positions. Tool change is quick using rapid release tool holders. Machines use Eco-Friendly Technology reducing power consumption up to 20%. Along with a vast assortment of punches and dies, optional tooling is also available for straightening, pipe bending, punching, crimping, folding, shearing and more. Machine Capacity 40 Tons, 24” x 43” work surface, 9.8” punch stroke, 1.78 in/sec advance speed, 0.26 in/sec working speed. Precision in bending ± 0.004". Back gauge stroke is 39". The SIMPLYLOGIK HMI stores 550 programs for each axis (X & Y) with 15 steps each and can be set in inches or millimeters.

  • CARELL ETM-90HD Digital Heavy Duty 3” Pipe Bender
    NEW ETM-90HD Rotary Pipe & Tube Non-Mandrel Bender is constructed from solid steel plate, no castings, 3” pipe & 3.5” tube capacity. New Digital Touch Screen HMI with 40 programs x 5 bends each includes auto capacity material calculator....

  • Carell Corporation's NEW ETM-90HD Rotary Type Pipe and Tube Bender, completely constructed in solid steel plate and billet will outperform other units that incorporate cast aluminum frames and tooling. Our NEW Digital Programmer has 40 programs with 5 bends each along with springback compensation. The unique new controller includes a capacity calculator for your material with section modulus and minimum expected bend radius without deformation. The powerful drive arbor accepts a variety of tool sizes. Input bends on an industrial polycarbonate 7" touch screen. Capacity: 3.50” OD x 0.216" Tube, 3" Scd. 40 Pipe &  2-1/2" Scd. 80 pipe. Bending Radii: 2.4" to 19.5", as tube sizes permit. Automatic mode executes bend & return with one command, set of dwell time after bend and return for part extraction. Quick Change Tooling for rapid change over. The round keyless arbor uses unique safety drive pins ensure correct mounting of the former. Other brands may allow tooling to be installed incorrectly and damage tools or the machine. Carell manufactures solid steel tooling in-house for rapid delivery.

  • Carell Mono-2R High Speed 2 Roll Ring Former
    Our New Mono-2R High Speed Precision Roller is digitally programmable and uses a fixed interchangeable mandrel running against a Urethane lower roll to produce precision tubes and rings with zero unbent flats. Auto-Load & Eject systems are optional....

  • Carell's New Mono-2R Precision High Speed Ring Rolling machine produces rings and small tubes with an automated 5 second per part work cycle with ultimate precision and accuracy. Units have 2 cantilevered shafts, a part ejector and an infeed guide as standard equipment. The machine is hydraulic powered for high efficiency. Fixed top shaft serves as a mandrel with a quick disconnect for rapid change out for different size end products. The lower roll is hydraulically actuated and covered in High Durometer, Non Marring Urethane. Forms any material alloy, solid strip, notched, perforated, and with holes or voids. It produces perfect rings or tube with zero flats and uses an HMI-PLC with memory. Auto-loading systems, optional. Additional interchangeable mandrel shafts are easily machined. Requires only 5' x 5' of floor space and weighs 2,600lbs. The color graphic touch screen HMI uses an easy and intuitive programming logic. Machines can be manufactured for strip material from 1/8" wide to 8" wide. Finished part conveyors, exit chutes and overhead supports are optional. Machines can be built to operate in the shafts vertical, horizontal working position.
  • CARELL 2 Roll Automatic Cone Roller
    Carell’s New 2R Roll Cone Rollers produce precision cones using a tapered top roll mandrel and Urethane pinch roll. Machines are hydraulic with programmable automatic cycle controls and are available in dual shoulder as well as cantilevered designs...

  • Carell's NEW 2R HTC Automatic Cone Rolling Machines are designed for high volume production of small I.D. minor end cones in any material type. The conical contoured top roll acts as a mandrel pressing against the non-marring high Durometer Urethane lower roller. Advantages include rapid cycle times and the ability to roll cones with voids, perforations or irregular shapes with precision and repeatability. Cones exit with perfect roundness and unbent flats at the seam juncture approach zero. Machines can roll 4” to 60" tall cones and longer machines can be built using overhead contrast beams. Feed tables, ejectors & auto-loaders are available. Minor ID's of 1.75" are possible. Cones exit ready for automated seam welding.

    Controls use a Touch Screen HMI communicating with the CPU/PLC modules. Change cone angles by adjusting the top mandrel angle. Top roll mandrels are interchangeable for cones with greatly different angles. Pinch pressure regulation allows use of different thickness materials while using the same top roll mandrel. Our 2R Roll Cone Formers are tailored to the cone design and the customers manufacturing needs.    

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