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For over 50 years, CK Worldwide has brought more innovations to TIG welding equipment than any other manufacturer. A few of these innovations include Fail-Safe™ connectors, Max-Flo™ cooling, the industry favorite Super-Flex™ cables, Flex-Loc Torches, Micro Torch, Gas Saver™ kits, MT200-AC/DC - TIG welding System, and our brand new UltraTIG series torch packages. With more patents on product design and improvements than anyone else, CK Worldwide is 'THE STANDARD IN TIG WELDING.' 

 Press Releases

  • New CK Worldwide UltraTIG Series torch packages feature a fusion of the best innovations and designs created over the past 50 years by CK Worldwide. UltraTIG Series torch packages include an ergonomic handle with Steady-Grip™ “pistol-grip” attachment, rotating ball strain relief, leather hose cover, Super-Flex™ cable(s), accessory kit with a standard Gas Saver™ Gas Lens, quick disconnects, and a MasterTIG series torch. These combined innovations provide the user with the best quality TIG products on the market in a conveniently packaged kit.

    The UltraTIG Series handle’s ergonomic design allows a large amount of control, while retaining a lightweight design. Super-Flex™ cables coupled with a leather hose cover, and strain relief, add an additional element of protection by reducing the exposure too, and likelihood, of cable fouling issues while also preventing pinching.

    CK Worldwide, in business since 1967, started with the premise of making durable, cost-efficient torches for the welding industry and moved forward by adding pivotal designs to their product line including, but not limited to, the wedge collet, Gas Saver™ Gas Lens, Flex-Loc™ torches, Super-Flex cables, Trim-Line™ torches, Max-Flo™, Fail-Safe™ ferrules, Steady-Grip™, LaYZr™ Tungsten, and the MT200-AC/DC – TIG Welding System.


  • UltraTIG Series Torches
    UltraTIG series torches are a combination of the best innovations created by CK since 1967 to deliver the ultimate TIG welding experience....

  • These innovative torch packages feature a MasterTIG torch on a newly designed ergonomic handle with a 360 degree rotating strain relief and detachable Steady-Grip™. UltraTIG torches also include our industry renowned Super-Flex™ cables protected by a leather hose cover. Complete with an accessory kit including our standard Gas Saver™ kit and consumbales you will be ready to tackle any weld using CK Worldwide UltraTIG torch packages.  

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