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Automec manufactures CNC gauging systems for press brakes and shears. Automec also offers control upgrades and replacement controls for press brakes. Automec offers control upgrades for Accurpress AP2® controls, along with Hurco® backgauge controls. In both cases, the existing backgauge mechanical structure is utilized and the controls and electronics are updated. This is a very cost-effective solution for customers with faulty controls and the inability to receive support/service on them. These upgrades come with a 1 Year Warranty. The retrofit controls are always compatable with Automec backgauges (mechanical structures), in the event that the customer wants to convert from a hybrid system to a complete Automec backgauge system someday in the future. 

Automec is a Certified USA Distributor of CoastOne servo-electric press brakes. These fully-electric press brakes use a direct drive system (NO HYDRAULICS) and have an accuracy/repeatability of 0.00008"!! The controls are very user-friendly. All machines come standard with a LazerSafe system. Machines also come standard with X, Y, & R Axis and can be ordered with Z1, Z2 and X Prime Axis. 


  • Automec CNC 600 Control
    The CNC 600 control is an updated Automec control offering some new features, while maintaining a simplistic programming approach. It comes standard with USB job storage and a 15" color touch screen!...

  • Automec's CNC 600 control is a touch screen control offering some new features, while maintaining a simplistic programming approach.  The control will be used for new complete Automec backgauge systems, or for upgrading existing Automec controls. It has many features that press brake operators will find appealing, but not overwhelming. The user interface of the touch screen control is intuitive with icons prompting the user through the steps necessary to program a typical job. The control allows the user to import photos for a visual representation of each bend in a job sequence. The CNC 600 will be a great transition from all previous Automec controls. Customers will also be able to utilize their existing Automec backgauges, by upgrading to the CNC 600 control.

    Features Included:

    15” Color TFT LCD Display

    Virtually Unlimited Job Memory

    20 Bends per Job

    USB Job Transfer & Storage

    Import Photos

    Programmable Delay/Retract between Bends

    Reversal on Pinch Point

    Parts Counter

    Alphanumeric Part Numbers

    Incremental Corrections

    Ram Offset up to ± .999”

    1-Year Warranty on all Automec Components

  • "Inverted R-Axis" for Backgauge Systems
    The "Inverted R-Axis" offers a programmable gauge bar height. However, with its new design, operators can program the gauge bar below their die set-up to allow for a long sheet to pass through beyond the backgauge....

  • Automec has engineered and released the “Inverted R-Axis” option for new backgauge systems and for upgrading existing backgauges.

    The standard R-Axis (programmable gauge bar height) has been in Automec’s product line for many years. However, the pre-existing design of both the Manual adjustment R-Axis and the Programmable R-Axis have created some limitations regarding how far a material can be pushed beyond the press brake tooling. This is due to interference with the vertical mechanical assemblies used for supporting the gauge bar and fingers. In order to push a material past the length of travel of a given backgauge, the operator would need to disassemble the gauge bar height adjustment assemblies and the gauge bar supports. If there was a preexisting programmable R-Axis on the backgauge, it might turn into a decrease in productivity.

    With the new “Inverted R-Axis” by Automec, the operator can now program the gauge bar down below the existing die setup, allowing the operator to push a material past the standard 24” of travel on our G24 backgauges. All of the assemblies used for raising and lowering the gauge bar sit below the backgauge, eliminating the possibility of interference with the material. This also eliminates the need to disassemble any mechanical components on the backgauge and it keeps the operator in front of the machine bending parts. Not only does this increase productivity by eliminating any limitations of material lengths, but it also gives the operator full programmability of the gauge bar height. If the operator is changing tooling frequently or would like to gauge off varying flange heights, it is possible with a push of a button. Contact Sales at 781-893-3403x1 or for more information.

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