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    BURSA- In hydraulic profile bending machines, Akyapak Makine continues its innovative moves that add value to the sector. With its 56 years of technological investment and innovative R&D department, Akyapak has succeeded in developing one of the largest hydraulic profile bending machines in the industry with its hydraulic profile bending machine APK 1000 production that bends HEB-1000 profile edgewise.

    With a maximum bending capacity of 50.000 mm diameter in HEB 1000 profile, the APK 1000 model is also capable of bending pipes of up to a diameter of 610.

    Levent Akyapak, who expresses that they offer the optimum solutions for customer demands, said, "We broke new ground with APK-800, which we produced last year as Akyapak Machine in profile bending machines. After Akyapak's APK 800 model, which performs force bending of  490 x 130 mm sheet bar to a diameter of 3 meters and force bending of HEA-800 profile to a diameter of 55 meters, we have again broken new ground.

    With APK-1000, we have made force bending of 500x150 mm sheet bar to 3-meter diameter and again the force bending of HEB-1000 profile to a diameter of 50 meters possible. In this model of ours, which is the largest in size in our country, and also in the world, the roller wheels driven by three independent hydraulic motors can reach high torques.  As a result, its velocity during the profile bending process and therefore its geometrical accuracy are guaranteed, no matter how thick the profiles are." Stating that the custom-production machine has been completed by a team of 26 people within 150 days, Levent Akyapak said, "We are constantly developing custom-made machines according to the demands of the customers, and we create different designs according to their demand and expectations.  We completed and shipped this product of ours, which will be used in a project that will be closely followed by the world, in about 150 days. The quality of Akyapak was once again proved in custom projects."


    On Akyapak Profile Bending Machines, which allow bending various profiles in a wide range of industries from construction to energy, and from space-aviation to shipbuilding industry, Levent Akyapak continued: "High-quality components are combined with a successful custom technical design in a very strong body to create innovation-based "hydraulic pipe and profile bending machines". Shafts that are manufactured from alloy steel and hardened are used to achieve the highest strength. In addition, using special bearings, the loads on the moving parts in the system are equally distributed, so that the machines can work without problems with the highest performance for long years. Thanks to greater bearing measurements, higher bending momentum and the force of the hydraulic cylinders, the Akyapak Hydraulic Profile Bending Machines stand out among their competitors by providing the optimum solution for bending and twisting larger sections without straining."

    Exporting 80% of its production to 98 countries

    Levent Akyapak, who stated that they offer optimized high-tech solutions that will add value to customers' production, emphasized that they will continue to pave the way in the sheet metal processing sector by producing Turkey's largest roller and profile bending machines and that they have a domestic market share of 35 percent with their bending group in particular.  Levent Akyapak revealed that they export 80 percent of their production to 98 countries in five continents and that they are closely following the regional markets with their Russian and American offices and that they are registered in 23 countries including the USA, UK, Germany, India and China. Levent Akyapak finished his speech by announcing that nearly 20 of their R&D projects were also supported by TUBITAK in addition to the product groups for which they have patent and design registrations.


    Offering high-tech products and solutions in a variety of fields that guide the global economy, Akyapak markets its products around the world with different brands. Using the brand Akbend in sheet metal, pipe and profile bending machines, Akdrill in hole drilling lines, and Akweld for welding solutions, the company offers the product range needed by many different sectors in oxy and plasma cutting machines and bending industry with its main brand Akyapak. With 320 employees, Akyapak Machine produces an average of 1500 machines per year in different product ranges in a closed production area of 25 thousand square meters in three different locations. Akyapak also took new steps to reinforce its strong image throughout the world and expanded its global operations network by recently creating AkyapakUsa and Akyapak Russia settlements.

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