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 Press Releases

  • Ehrt's Automatic Storage System for raw material integrates with their punching machines for loading precision and essential automation. The machine is loaded with the right material at the right time according to the production plan created by EHRT Production Software (PunchPRO).

    The material storage is fed from the loading position by the crane and eliminates the need for additional paid labor while creating a safer work environment. The gantry picks up flat material (e.g. copper, aluminium steel bars) from a box within the loading bay and carries it into the storage area or from the storage area to the punching machine for unmatched accuracy. 

    Working in cohesion for material storage, the gripper of the gantry is equipped with a row of vacuum cups of one or two kinds, depending on handled material width. The vacuum is generated by a vacuum pump. All bars are placed in fixed positions in the storage area which can be adapted according to the material widths by manual adjustment of spacer distances and software teaching. 

    Ehrt's Automatic Storage System provides consistency, safety and total process effeciency. 

  • The EHRT Professional Line of bus bar bending machines are designed for high loads, long wear, and unrivaled accuracy. Using our exclusive tooling with spring-back compensation technology, our electric servo driven Professional line can guarantee accuracy to within ± .20°. In addition, thanks to PowerBend software and quick setup, our bus bar bending machines will save your business precious time while reducing expensive scrap.

    Full material utilization can be accomplished with the EB-40 Pro for copper, aluminum, and steel bars up to 10" wide. It will support a variety of bending styles, including U-bends, edgewise and torsion.

    Electric servo drive system is 70% more energy efficient than hydraulic systems and just as accurate. The EB-40 is perfect for heavy use in industrial environments and offers the following options: offset bending tools, edge bending tools, torsion twist tools, custom tooling options and standard or extended CNC side stop.

    Come to Booth B9729 to see the Ehrt EB-40 Pro in action and learn more about how to customize it for your success!  


  • EHRT FlexPunch CNC
    The EHRT FlexPunch CNC punching machine provides fast, highly-accurate punching of copper bus bar and other flat bar materials. With tooling to create holes, slots, chamfers and more, it is the perfect machine for small and medium runs of parts....

  • EHRT North America to showcase compact solutions and robust automation capabilities

    EHRT is excited to showcase new punching machines to expand the already impessive and industry recognized advanced capablitites of EHRT punching machines.  

    The FlexPunch series offers unprecedented modularity in punching machines for processing of flat copper, aluminium, or steel.  It supplements the EHRT standard line and consists of the `FlexPunch´ and the `FlexPunch compact´.  These machines possess ten or four tool stations respectively, which are all MultiTool-capable.  Due to the new 3in1 MultiTools, the larger version can be equipped with up to 28 punches, and the smaller with up to ten, plus cutting station.

    The FlexPunch compact has a smaller footprint and is ideal for use in production sites with limited space. Both machines offer companies many options and the exciting possibility to retrofit and automate their current fabrication processes. With form taps, sorting stations, and marking systems, the FlexPunch machines offer an array of possibilities for individualized adaptation into company’s specific production process.

    Learn more at Booth B9729!

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