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For over 50 years, Faccin’s goal has been firmly set to assure long-term production benefits by delivering high quality products combined with a highly experienced support in its after-sales and technical service.

Faccin offers the widest range of bending machines available on the international market. Faccin bending rolls offer maximum precision, high productivity and long-term reliability.

Faccin’s angle rolls are technologically advanced, reliable and precise machines able to assure excellent bending quality and maximum productivity over time in bending profiles and beams of various shapes and sizes.

Faccin offers dished heads production lines that include technologically advanced presses, flanging machines and manipulators, offering maximum reliability and precision to manufacturers of dished heads.

Faccin has developed a range of special machines that offer high performance in response to specific needs in the fields of pipeline production, shipbuilding, wind towers and aerospace.


  • 4 Rolls Plate Roll 4HEL
    Maximum innovation in plate bending technology: the 4HEL is the most versatile, accurate and simple to use 4-roll pyramidal electronic bending roll. The most powerful machine amongst CNC linear straight guide bending rolls, assuring high productivity....

  • 4HEL is the most precise and easiest to use series of 4-roll bending rolls with total pre-bending. Highly technological and innovative, 4HEL bending rolls assure high-productivity with a speed 3/4 times higher than a traditional pyramid bending roll. Moreover, thanks to their production methods, the 4HEL bending rolls can be effectively controlled through numerical control systems.

    All models of Faccin’s 4HEL 4-roll bending rolls are equipped with a rear side roll opposite the feeding side. Used as backing, this roll allows the plate to be rolled to be aligned in an immediate and accurate manner. The plate, moreover, always remains pinched between the two central rolls, thus avoiding accidental slips. This not only optimises pre-bending and rolling operations, but it also assures safer and more precise machining, with the option of being handled entirely by a single operator.

    Thanks to the linear guide configuration of the 4HEL series bending rolls, the pre-bending operation does not require tilting the plate below the feeding level, as is the case with the traditional 3-roll bending rolls. In this way, therefore, horizontal feeding tables may be used, for easier feeding of the plate into the machine. Furthermore, there is no need to leave free space on both sides of the machines, but only at the selected infeed side.

    4HEL 4-roll plate bending rolls allow the plate to be rolled to the desired diameter immediately after the first pre-bending. This is followed by the second end forming, i.e. the second pre-bending. The processing method of 4HEL machines designed and built by Faccin allow the cylindrical ferrule to be made in one pass.

    Electronic pyramid 4-roll bending rolls make cone bending processing easier. The ability to tilt the side rolls and the central roll makes it possible to respectively set the cone angle and drag the sheet at its largest development. 4HEL series CNC bending rolls designed and built by Faccin are the best solution to bend plates of length between 1500 and 18000 mm with thickness 5 to 150 mm.

  • Angle Roll RCMI
    The double pinch angle rolls of the RCMI series by Faccin are precise and reliable profile bending machines, designed and constructed to assure high bending performance....

  • Advanced technology for profile bending

    RCMI is the series of angle rolls specifically designed by Faccin for bending profiles with high flexion strength modulus.

    The RCMI range angle rolls have a sturdy, generously sized structure able to assure maximum reliability and bending precision over time. This structure is constructed with heavy gauge steel plates of certified quality and is electro-welded and thermally treated in order to eliminate residual internal tensions.

    Superior rolling precision

    The large series of rolls supplied as standard equipment allows all the standard profiles to be rolled (included beams, columns and channels rolled on edge).

    The adaptability of the special modular system of bending rolls guarantees the best possible guide for the profile during the complete rolling process.

    The 4 lateral guide rolls are, as standard, independently adjustable in 6 directions to guarantee the best control of the planarity of rolling, to calibrate diameters and to prevent twisting of asymmetrical sections.

  • 3 Roll Variable Geometry Bending Roll HAV
    Recognised worldwide as the most advanced and powerful model of electronic 3-roll bending roll, HAV combines rolling power and maximum pre-bending precision, assuring very high performance in less time....

  • High rolling power combined with maximum pre-bending precision: HAV is the series of 3-roll variable geometry bending rolls at the highest level of its category by performance and versatility.

    HAV bending rolls designed, manufactured and marketed by Faccin deliver performance equivalent to that obtained with the more expensive 4-roll plate bending rolls and are therefore ideal for medium-heavy duty machining.

    HAV series models feature a very fast and secure pre-bending stage, because the plate is never tilted but always parallel to the ground. This allows motorized feeding tables to be used, with automatic centering systems.

    Thanks to the special configuration of HAV electronic plate bending rolls, the machine’s 3 rolls move independently – the top roll moves vertically, the lower rolls horizontally – allowing you to adjust, as required, the centre distance between the lower rolls and the distance between the bending points, as is the case on a press brake with variable opening lower die. By reducing to the minimum the centre distance between the lower rolls, the HAV series bending rolls obtain excellent traction of the sheet. In addition, by minimising the length of the straight part, they offer better quality pre-bending. The maximum centre distance between the lower rolls instead, makes it possible to produce a huge rolling capacity.

    Thanks to the horizontal position of the cylinders for lower roll movement, HAV 3-roll variable axis bending rolls are equipped with a reduced height work top. No foundations are therefore required, even for bending rolls with capacity greater than 40 mm. All the HAV series 3-roll bending rolls are fitted with the EPS system for electronic synchronised control of roll parallelism within tolerances of less than 0.2 mm, guaranteed over time as they are not subject to mechanical wear or delay of hydraulic drives. The HAV series models are the right solution to bend plates up to 300 mm thick.

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