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  • As you know (and sources everywhere are reporting) skilled manufacturing workers are getting more expensive to find and retain. That’s why it’s in your best interest to make it easy to train and keep your existing workforce. And if you do hire new employees, you also want to spend less time and fewer resources onboarding those new skilled workers while reducing production errors and quality issues and filling— not turning down—orders.

    Q2S’ new Guided Visual Manufacturing (GVM) product from FeneTech can help. GVM replaces paper and text-only production instructions with visual guidance that includes unlimited images, documents, and videos for each job step.

    These on-screen instructions are easy for today’s workers to learn and use. Operators will appreciate this visual representation for each step in the manufacturing process and their ability to see if they are on target for job completion.

    Outdated paper instructions causing issues? Get cumbersome paper off your shop floor with GVM. Instead, consistently provide operators with updated information to produce the correct product.

    What happens when operators can actually see what they’re making with supporting information? Products are built right, service calls decrease, job margins increase, and customers are happy.

    People like knowing they’re doing the right step the right way.

    GVM additional benefits

    Maintenance concerns? Work instructions are updated centrally so you get the right visual guidance across your operations with just a click. And with GVM, operators can suggest improvements to instructions electronically.  

    On time delivery concerns? When working on several jobs at different steps, it can be difficult to monitor and adjust to ensure on-time job completeness. With GVM, you set up expected effort per step and monitor the team’s performance to proactively address delays before the job is past due.

    Teams resistant to monitoring prefer to document unexpected and unpreventable downtime. GVM lets you do that. Machinery maintenance is factored in so teams are not penalized for required switchovers or maintenance.

    Data helps improve operations. GVM allows you to see across all jobs labor variances at the part or step level and analyze critical data. Is the expectation too high? Are machinery issues causing problems? Or, simply, where are the actual bottlenecks?

    All these features make onboarding easier and faster, and operators feel better about their work environment. Errors go down and quality goes up.

    GVM has multi-location and multi-lingual support and is available standalone, with Q2S ERP suite, or integrated into your current system.

    A picture can indeed prevent a thousand errors—and thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs and lost opportunities.

    When choosing Q2S for your visual work instructions or complete ERP solution, you’ll receive implementation and training support directly from the company that developed it. We’ll provide best practice suggestions in addition to training to eliminate the typical roadblocks users encounter when implementing new software at a manufacturing facility.

    Q2S ERP suite includes a product configurator, eCommerce support, materials management, production management, shipping, business intelligence tools, and more.

    Q2S develops, implements, and supports manufacturing software primarily for makers of mass customized and complex products. Solutions include Q2S CPQ with a product configurator , Q2S Guided Visual Manufacturing (GVM) with barcode scanning and visual work instructions, and Q2S ERP with Materials Management, Production Management, Shipping, Business Intelligence, and much more. Q2S is based in Aurora, Ohio, and is a division of FeneTech, Inc. Learn more about Q2S GVM at http://q2serp.com/gvm.




  • Q2S Guided Visual Manufacturing
    Onboard skilled workers smoothly and reduce production errors with on-screen shop floor visual instructions at each manufacturing step plus labor, downtime and quality data. Available standalone, with Q2S ERP or integrated into your current system....

  • Skilled manufacturing workers are hard to find and retain. Onboarding is costly. You want to be filling, not refusing, ordersand with fewer production errors.

    Guided Visual Manufacturing (GVM) can help.

    GVM replaces paper and text-only instructions with images, documents and videos for each job step. Today’s workers learn faster and work better with on-screen guidance for each manufacturing step, including if they’re meeting expected effort targets.

    You can monitor job progress automatically or have teams enter unexpected downtime. GVM also lets you see and analyze labor variances at the part or step level.

    These benefits make onboarding easier and operators happier. Errors go down and quality goes up.

    You update GVM centrally, sending up-to-date guidance to all operations with a click. And operators can suggest improvements electronically.  

    Multi-location and multi-lingual. GVM is available standalone, with Q2S ERP, or integrated into your current system. Learn more at q2serp.com.

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