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Fibro, Inc. is a Global Market Leader providing World Class Standard Parts products that are used in the Tool & Die, Mold making, and Machine building trades. Our wide range of over 48,000 components includes: Guide Pillars, Bushings, Oilless elements, Die Sets, Gas Springs, which provides the highest level of safety, Steel Springs, Precision Punches / Matrixes, FibroFlex Elastomers, Cam Units with wedge, roller or hydraulic drives, Electric and Pneumatic Conveyor units.

We will be introducing two new product innovations at this show. 

The FIBRO Wireless Pressure Monitoring (WPM) system uses Bluetooth technology to constantly monitor the temperature and pressure of gas springs in your tool. Custom software analyses the data and initialises the necessasry process control and pre-emptive maintenance steps.

The FIBRO Electronic Tapping Unit (FETU) provides efficient, high performance thread forming with excellent process integration. The FETU produces high quality M2-M24 threads and can be used in a wide variety of new or existing presses, progressive dies and automatic punching machines, thanks to its independent servo drive and versatile control unit.


    The Wireless Pressure Monitoring system constantly monitors the pressure and temperature in gas springs. Sensors wirelessly transmit data to any Widows-based system. Custom software analyses the data and initializes the necessary process control steps....

  • August 2018

    Fibro, Inc.

    139 Harrison Avenue

    Rockford, IL 61104

    Fabtech Booth No. A1569

    Fibro, a global leader in standard tooling components, will introduce their Wireless Pressure Monitoring (WPM) system at this year’s Fabtech Expo in Atlanta.

    Wireless Pressure Monitoring of Nitrogen Gas Springs and Systems

    The use of nitrogen gas springs in metal stamping dies has grown exponentially since being introduced into the market 35 years ago.  Over those 35 years the quality and service life of nitrogen gas springs has steadily improved.  One thing that has not changed in that time; all nitrogen gas springs and systems will leak eventually.  The question for the production stamper - when a nitrogen leak occurs, how much scrap will be produced before the leak is detected?

    There are different methods to monitor the pressure of a nitrogen gas spring or systems:

    • An analog gauge can be used allowing an operator to check the pressure prior to production.There is still no warning when a leak occurs, requires hose and fitting connections – more potential leak points

    • An electrical means of monitoring the pressure can be used.These systems can be wired into the press controls to stop the production should a leak occur.An improvement over a gauge but also limited in use – the hoses and wires required restrict use in upper dies and or where automation interference may occur

    • Fibro Wireless Pressure Monitoring provides the following advantages:

      • No additional hose or wire connections - Bluetooth™ 4.0 communication

      • 24-hour monitoring and documentation

      • Early warning of nitrogen pressure loss

      • Prevention of downtime and secondary failures

      • Optimized maintenance intervals

    There are 4 primary components of the Fibro Wireless Pressure Monitoring system:

    • Sensors – battery operated, connect to a nitrogen gas spring or system, transmits pressure and temperature data to the die mounted Data Part via Bluetooth™ 4.0

    • Data Part – battery operated, stores all die specific data including die number, sensor list and location – can receive data from up to 128 Sensors – communicates with the Gateway (or customer supplied read out device such as PC)

    • Gateway – 24VDC, mounted to the press, connects to press controls via digital I/O, relay contacts, Ethernet, etc. – communicates with the press to signal a warning and or full stop should the Sensors detect a nitrogen pressure loss or spike in operating temperature

    • Proprietary Software and Bluetooth™ 4.0 Receiver – enables the user to configure the Sensors, Data Part and Gateway for the specific nitrogen system requirements of a particular die. 

      • 2 pressure set points per sensor

      • Early detection for scrap free production

      • Targeted maintenance intervals – service the nitrogen system before major failure

      • Ease of installation – no wires or hoses required within the die

      • Documentation – record pressure and temperature data for evaluation

    Zero defects and scrap due to the loss of nitrogen gas spring or system pressure, that is what the Fibro Wireless Pressure Monitoring (WPM) system provides to the production stamper.

    For more information as well as a demonstration please visit Fibro at Fabtech, Booth A1569.

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