F49: Smart Manufacturing and Workforce Ready!

  • Room: S402B
Monday, November 11, 2019: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM


Scale Your Workforce Training Using Virtual Reality
This presentation will begin with a deep-dive discussion on how today’s economy has changed drastically with the dawn of the baby boomer era and influx of millennial workforce. We’ll discuss why immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality are catering to this shift by training employees through a more advanced, scalable approach. Included in the presentation will be slides that show factual data covering realized ROI scenarios relative to immersive tech training styles, as well as training examples from some global innovators using virtual reality in-market today. We will incorporate a Question & Answer style format, centered around the Manufacturing and Industrial Environments space, allowing attendees to ask questions specific to their organization and role.
Dave Beck - Foundry 45

Smart Manufacturing Meets Workforce Development
Workforce development in manufacturing is a problem that has reached an almost epidemic level. It is all hands-on deck from the government to manufacturers and educational organizations. There are more jobs available today and opening due to an older workforce than can currently be filled. Smart Manufacturing and technology can offer some solutions to help blunt many of the problems and maybe even turn things around. This presentation will address the top five ways that Smart Manufacturing can help with workforce development challenges: increasing job attractiveness, capturing tribal and skill knowledge, collaborative robot integration, training and assessments, and real-time job aids. Attendees will learn the most effective approaches to leverage software and technology in workforce development.
David Iyoha - Lantek Systems, Inc.

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Dave Beck
David Iyoha

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