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A single-source partner is valuable. A strong, expansive support network is priceless. MC Machinery Systems customers get both. Our expertise spans virtually every aspect of metalworking—laser cutting, EDM, milling and press brake machines—to help bring your business to the next level. So whether developing integrated manufacturing cells from the ground up, or adding specific solutions to complement existing operations, our pre-sales, sales, installation and application support staff can help you eliminate bottlenecks, improve accuracy and drive throughput.

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 Press Releases

  • Rapidly changing consumer tastes and an accelerated pace of new product innovation is pushing the manufacturing industry to adapt. Digitization is giving manufacturers an instant boost of productivity, enabling them to hit more aggressive deadlines to meet changing customer demands.

    While many manufacturers have already embraced digitization and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies, some are still hanging onto the old ways of manual processes.

    The manufacturers that are embracing digital however, are radically improving customer experiences and reshaping the industry while focusing on uptime. As an example, Principle Manufacturing, an MC Machinery customer, was running at a capacity of 54-56 percent. Once they adopted manufacturing analytics, they improved their capacity to an average of 74 percent. This is just one example of several MC Machinery customers using data to drive value through data-driven business decisions.

    Enabling the digital ecosystem by optimizing and automating processes from design to delivery would not be possible without manufacturing analytics.

    “Manufacturers need data to identify and prioritize problems that are impacting performance and competitiveness,” states Tony Imbrogno, Sr. VP of Operations/Customer Service & Support. “Data will enable them to uncover barriers to maximize uptime and improve their bottom line. It provides the insights to prioritize opportunities, test assumptions, find waste, and guide continuous improvement processes.”

    There are many emerging smart technologies like cloud computing, analytics, AI, automation and robotics contributing to the optimization of the supply chain.

    The first step in beginning the IIoT journey is laying the foundation to connect shop floor devices and start capturing data. Remote360, a web-based production monitoring and support solution, will quickly allow MC Machinery’s customers to get their machines connected and start collecting data. Companies that have adopted remote360 have realized that ROI does come, and it comes quickly.

    Machine tools are a physical entity that can be used for years and ROI can be easily calculated and seen after the machine is up and running. Data and software are not tangible, so seeing ROI before purchasing the software makes it more difficult. However, once the software is implemented and manufacturers see the data from their shop floor, it allows them to quickly lean processes and increase uptime simply by having visibility.

  • Recently acquired by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, ASTES4, a company based in Switzerland, specializes in the development of automated sorting solutions for sheet metal laser processing machines. ASTES4 has developed LASORTING – the first fully integrated system for the cutting, sorting, and storage of sheet metal to streamline processes, speed up production, and reduce labor costs.

    Due to this acquisition, as an established automation solution partner for Mitsubishi Electric, MC Machinery customers now have direct access to premium sorting solutions for laser automation needs like LASORTING.

    To work efficiently, laser-cutting systems need a swift supply of material and subsequent sorting.

    “The entire industry is trying to move in the direction of part sorting, and we’ve seen a lot of excitement surrounding the capabilities of LASORTING,” says Jason LeGrand, Automation Specialist at MC Machinery. “This is essentially a smart robot, it knows what the part is, the right measurements and where it belongs. With unmanned operations, human error is eliminated, and it is a safer solution since parts no longer have to be detached from the skeleton and sorted by hand – dramatically reducing accident risks from the handling of heavy loads.”

    The laser-cutting systems for LASORTING are designed to operate dependably, efficiently, and with the highest cutting quality. They are capable of processing sheets measuring 3 x 1.5m and 4 x 2m in an output range of 2kW to 8 kW. With four sorting heads, each independent head is capable of lifting 1,100 pounds and has a maximum speed of 9,600 inches a minute.

    “When putting in raw steel sheets, what comes out on the other end are perfectly stacked and organized parts already on pallets ready for wrapping and shipping or to go to the secondary operation,” says LeGrand. “A fully automatic warehouse with a sorting system ensures optimum materials flow and continuous processes.”

    The system is highly configurable to fit many different shop floors. Thanks to its modularity, LASORTING’s production cell adapts to a customer’s production requirements and space available on site.

    LASORTING’s characteristics and precision make it the ideal solution for those who want a balanced, efficient, and dependable process. For any questions regarding installation, service, support, and training for this system, please contact MC Machinery at 630-616-5920.

  • In a recent article featured on Shop Floor Laser magazine, CenMac and KMS share how investing in the right fabricating equipment and partnering with MC Machinery has aided them in reaching their production goals.

    Through every new venture and fabricating project, CenMac has looked at MC Machinery as a trusted partner for new equipment. Founded in 1960, this family-owned manufacturing company specializes in laser cutting and forming, CNC machining, welding and stamping, along with many other capabilities.

    CenMac has 1kW and 4.5kW CO2 lasers and an 8kW fiber laser, all equipped with full automation systems for the most cost-effective production. Geared toward higher volume jobs, the MC Machinery CO2 laser with automation runs an average of 130 hours per week. The company also owns several MC Machinery press brakes including a hybrid BH 1353, with 150-tons of pressure, that’s capable of handling workpieces up to 10 feet long, and two electric BB 6013, 55-ton press brakes that’re ideal for shorter workpieces.

    “We weren’t looking for anything specific, we were just looking for the best quality machines that would give us the best opportunity to be successful in the industry,” says Ken Hall, CenMac plant manager. “Although we didn’t have any specific parts we were looking to make, we wanted machines that would allow us to make them fast once the requests started coming in.”

    As with CenMac, MC Machinery serves as a valuable partner to KMS, a fabrication company with facilities in Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

    The partnership began when KMS needed to start creating parts faster at competitive prices due to an expanding client base. They made the decision to purchase two 3015 eX-45CF-R lasers with an MSCIII tower, and a second fiber optic cell for its South Carolina location. KMS also takes advantage of MC Machinery’s remote360® for its Mitsubishi Laser machines, which helps operators monitor the status of the machines remotely.

    “Remote360 has become an essential tool during lights-out production and the Mitsubishi lasers have been fantastic – the process speed is incredible,” says Adam Hartman, vice president of operations at KMS. “Without the automation, we wouldn’t be able to load and unload the carts fast enough. Our output has significantly increased, more than doubling our previous CO2 lasers.”

    To read the full article on Shop Floor Laser and learn more about CenMac and KMS’s experience with our machines, please click here.

  • Laser cutting technology offers several benefits and can enable fabricating shops to cut complex shapes and at faster speeds, but do you have the right plan and process in place to move these laser-cut parts throughout the shop floor? In a recent article in The Fabricator magazine, our Automation Specialist, Jason Legrand, shares five ways fabricating shops can improve the flow of laser-cut parts.

    Here are the five planning steps Legrand expands on:

    1. Shop Layout
    2. Maintenance
    3. Programming
    4. Automation
    5. Production Monitoring

    As Legrand states in the beginning of the article, “Your shop’s layout can make or break even the most efficient production plan. The more time your parts spend in transit or waiting for delivery to the next operation, the less efficient you’re being, and the effect can be crippling.”

    The reward in taking the time to plan and envision your shops flow is efficiency, time savings and faster delivery. To access the full article titled “5 ways to improve your flow of laser-cut parts”, please click here.

  • Cultural Changes are Difficult – can a shop really change?

    As times change, manufacturing shops need to change as well. To stay ahead of the competition, shops need to keep up with the latest technology and trends. But what happens when a shop needs to change its culture to keep up with technology changes?

    McKinsey survey of about 3,000 executives found that “only one in three organizational change efforts succeed”. Cultural change efforts often have even lower odds of success. So, what needs to happen for companies to be successful at implementing cultural change?

    A cultural change is only possible when the CEO/President is passionate and consistent about the change. The same ‘idea’ comes into play on the shop floor. The manufacturing leader needs to believe in the change and bring their team on-board, so the company can maintain a positive culture through the transition.

    Manufacturing has an interesting history in the US, from the innovations of the Industrial Revolution, including the introduction of the steam engine, to the creation of the assembly line and the implementation of lean/six sigma manufacturing.  These have been the backbones of American life and US manufacturing excellence.

    With the Fourth Industrial Revolution currently taking shape, manufacturers are faced with a huge influx of new technologies at their fingertips – so much technology that they may not know which direction to take. For example, automation and artificial intelligence; there is now machinery that is capable of achieving what was thought impossible just a few months ago. There are also other IoT technologies that can quickly capture and analyze a vast amount of data and provide previously unimaginable amounts of information to work from and make decisions with.

    So what do shops do, where do they start?

    • Leadership: That’s where it all starts. Leaders need to be able to develop a strategy and start to shift mindsets while creating business plans that create value.
    • Teams: Companies need to put teams in place that look into new and emerging technologies to decide where to best invest their dollars for the most efficient ROI.
    • Partners: Companies need to find partners that have teams of people with various expertise to help guide them and inform them of the most optimal processes of an application and how to best use new technologies to their benefit.

    Once a decision is made and a company purchases new technology – whether it’s a machine tool or a software platform – companies need to prepare and train front-line employees on the new technology and on why the decision was made to purchase it. This starts to shift the company culture.

    Another area company leaders need to look into is evolution vs. revolution. Companies sometimes lack the right skill sets/talent to be successful with emerging technologies. They need to evolve and hire people for jobs that did not exist even a few years ago and they need to train current employees to make sure the talent they have is evolving with the times.

    Technology is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Is your shop ready for the shift?

    MC Machinery has the team in place to help you understand the ever-changing technology shifts and what you need to do to stay ahead of the competition. Call us today and learn more about our technology solutions in both equipment and Industry 4.0 and see how we can increase your productivity and keep you up to date and ahead of your competition during this Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    Don’t let a lack of readiness hold you back – call us today.

  • Fiber lasers continue to be a fab shop’s productive workhorse. A high-powered fiber laser coupled with automation can feed an enormous number of downstream processes. Hank White, our national product manager for Mitsubishi Laser, recently shared with The Fabricator magazine audience things to keep in mind when working with fiber lasers to avoid machine crashes and downtime.

    As White states in the article, “It’s common these days to see one high-powered fiber laser replace multiple CO2 machines. Fabricators now rely on fewer cutting machines to produce more than ever. That being said, if one of those extraordinarily productive fiber machines happens to produce bad parts that need to be recut, all those efficiency gains go out the window.”

    By following a few best practices, fabricators can feel at ease that the machine is doing its job, especially in critical phases like nesting and programming. Below are some best practices White expands on in the article:

    • Narrow window of focus
    • Keep that cover glass clean
    • Material considerations
    • Programming and nesting
    • The small things really matter

    To access the full article titled “Gaining an edge up in fiber laser cutting”, please click here.

  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, an established MC Machinery automation solutions partner, has announced the acquisition of ASTES4 SA (ASTES4), a company based in Switzerland that is engaged in the development, production and sales of patented automated sorting solutions for sheet metal laser processing machines.

    By acquiring ASTES4, Mitsubishi Electric will support MC Machinery in further strengthening its lineup of automation systems with sorting solutions for sheet metal laser processing. This will provide our valued customers with integrated solutions that require less manual loading, unloading and sorting to realize higher productivity and efficiency. The company aims to further expand its worldwide business through this acquisition.

    “This acquisition by our global partner Mitsubishi Electric is exciting to us at MC Machinery because it means our customers now have direct access to a premium sorting solution for their laser automation needs,” says Shane Herendeen, North America sales manager for fabrication at MC Machinery. “Shops of all sizes are requiring more speed and agility to get the job done and sorting can be a bottleneck if you don’t have the right solution in place.”

    Sheet metal laser processing involves loading the material, laser cutting, unloading cut materials as well as removing and sorting cut parts from the frame. Lately, the worldwide demand for such sorting solutions is on the rise. ASTES4 provides flexible automated sorting solutions using its own patented technology with superior system engineering capabilities that can integrate the entire automation system.

     “We are looking forward to incorporating the premier patented technology of ASTES4 with our industry-leading automation systems sold in North America,” says Herendeen. “Our automation customers already have an advantage and it’s very exciting to be a part of what we feel is the best “next step” in the process.”


  • ASTES4 Laser Automation
    ASTES4: Fully integrated system....

  • Mitsubishi Electric and ASTES4- Lasorting- bring you a fully integrated multifunctional system. ASTES4 is capable of controlling the production process from loading, cutting, fully automatic sorting, and storage of finished parts.

    A unique system that combines exceptional versatility with remarkable execution, speed, and process maneuverability. Four individual arms with virtually infinite interchangeable tooling options can process your parts quickly and effectively.

    Thought automated sorting was something reserved for some idyllic future?

    The future is now at MC Machinery!

  • EX-F 8kw with SmartFlex ELEMENT
    The SmartFlex ELEMENT is a space saving load/unload system. It has a small footprint and full light out capability for increase productivity....

  • Expanding on our space-saving SmartFlex COMPACT automation line, we are proud to introduce the SmartFlex ELEMENT. With a cycle time of only 75 seconds, and a footprint of 12’x50’, the ELEMENT can fit in spaces others can’t. Features include automatic sheet thickness detection and sheet separation.
  • BH13530 with Automatic Tool Changer
    Diamond BH Series: Hybrid Press Brake....

  • The innovative and leading edge Dual Drive BH series is now available with an Automatic Tool Changer with improvements in productivity to the extremely precise positioning accuracies and superior energy savings over conventional and hybrid press brakes in the industry today. The proprietary technology gives customers greater reliability, higher machine uptime, reduced operational costs, increased ease of operation and now a further reduction in setup time with the Automatic Tool Changer.
  • BB6020 with Videre
    Diamond BB Series: Electric Press Brake....

  • MC Machinery will show the VIDERE option for BB and BH series press brakes at FABTECH. Whether you are an experienced operator or new to bending the VIDERE will effectively deliver the right information at the right time in the operator’s field of view. With the ability to view the DXF file, 3D model, bending simulation, and tool location MC Machinery is making it easy to bridge the gap of human and technology.
  • BB306
    Diamond BB Series: Electric Press Brake....

  • The BB all electric series adds the NEW BB306 to its lineup giving customers a new small foot print high precision all electric press brake to maximize productivity in a small size. With a broad spectrum of ultra-modern features, high performance requirements, accuracy you can measure, cost efficient operation to standard options our customers have requested including a foldable front table, 5 axis back gauge and user friendly tilting control. Let the BB306 bring you profit through precision when the first part must be the right part.
  • ADIRA PA Series
    MC Machinery collaborates with ADIRA for hydraulic press brakes in North America....

  • MC Machinery collaborates with ADIRA for hydraulic press brakes in North America. The PA series will be unveiled at FABTECH this year in 2 different sizes. The PA series covers light tonnage models up to 220 tons 4m with the PH series covering 160 ton to over 2000+ 12m single piece machines for highly customizable machine configurations in high tonnage long length applications.

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