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Over 100 years of innovation, endurance, and performance.

We are one of a handful of U.S.-based, build-to-order machine tool manufacturers, and have shipped more than 50,000 machines in over a 100 years of operation. From our modern 500,000-square-foot plant and technical center on a 600+ acre site near Cincinnati, Ohio, we engineer and build our machines to the standard of ruggedness required in the North American market – with premium engineering features that stand up to years of rigorous use in demanding environments.

Our drive for innovation is evident in the design of our machines, controls and software. We developed the first linear-motor-driven laser cutting systems, and still produce our own linear motors, controls and software – unique in the industry.

Our machines' endurance is legendary. It is common to see Depression-era CINCINNATI press brakes and shears in daily use today. In fact, one of our first commercial laser cutting systems from the eighties is still in operation. This means low cost of ownership for our customers and high resale values.

Performance? CINCINNATI machines consistently top owner surveys for dependability and satisfaction. We sell direct in the U.S. and our service technicians are factory-trained employees. Parts are ordered through and shipped from our corporate headquarters in Harrison, Ohio.

We continue to demonstrate a young outlook and willingness to embrace new ideas and technology – while staying true to our heritage in innovation, endurance, performance.


CI Own It!


  • AutoformX
    CI’s highly reliable Autoform press brake, re-packaged in four popular tonnages from 90 to 230 tons and 10 to 12 foot bed lengths is now the AFX....

  • CI’s highly reliable Autoform press brake, re-packaged in four popular tonnages from 90 to 230 tons and 10 to 12 foot bed lengths is now the AFX. The AFX meets the most demanding productivity requirements with on-screen Bend Sim Software, now standard 14” (or 16”) stroke, 18" throat and a 24” range five axis backgage. The AFX is CI’s fastest press brake during the bending portion of the stroke with forming speeds up to 120 ipm. Setups are fast and easy with CI’s 22” touchscreen control, Job Setup graphics displaying exact tool locations and the ability to attach detailed drawings, photos and videos of repeat setups. Hydraulic self-seating clamps can now be equipped with Wila’s Smart Tool Locator® that uses built-in LED lights to guide operators through complex tool setups and unfamiliar bend routines. Advanced options include CNC crowning, Angle Measuring Technology and CI’s highest performing six axis backgage with advanced linear motor drives. Whether you need fast setup for small lot sizes or fast forming speed for large jobs, CI's new AFX ready to perform.

  • CLX
    CI's newest CNC laser cutting system, redesigned from the ground up and optimized for automation and operator efficiency....

  • CI's newest CNC laser cutting system, resigned from the ground up and optimized for automation and operator efficiency.
    High Strength Prototyping with SAAM HT provides the ability to 3D print in performance polymers and composites such as PEI, SAAM HT (High Temperature) allows you to 3D print stronger parts than ever before....

  • High Temperature 3D Printing Made Easy 
    SAAM HT offers the most affordable solution to fabricate parts in 3D printing’s most advanced thermoplastics and composites. SAAM HT 3D prints in ULTEM, PEEK, polycarbonate, and any thermoplastic up to 500°C.

    • 500°C Hot End: Our hot end sustains nozzle temperatures capable of printing the highest temperature thermoplastics.
    • 160°C Heated Chamber: SAAM HT’s heated chamber enables printing in performance materials without warping and splitting.
    • 250°C Print Bed: The ultra-high temperature print bed gives you complete control over part warping and adhesion.
  • Roboform
    Robotic bending cell...

  • Automated robotic bending cell that takes blanks and automatically feeds them to a 40 ton electric press brake then stacks and sorts the finished parts.
  • Hyform Press Brake
    The Hyform press brake is an energy saving system that offers versatile productivity options while maintaining the ruggedness you would expect from a Cincinnati....

  • Consistent with its commitment to continuously improving products, CI introduces its newest model press brake, the HY. The HY brings new technology and efficiencies to CI’s existing line up of hydraulic and electric drive press brakes. While building on the industry’s expectations for high-quality machine tools, Cincinnati’s new servo-motor pump drive HY press brake runs quiet and reduces operating cost with lower energy consumption and simplified maintenance. The servo-motor driven pump only runs during the working portion of the stroke, saving considerable energy while the ram is stationary. In addition to energy savings the HY is environmentally friendly using only 22 gallons of fire resistant, readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid. The HY includes field-proven CI features such as a 22” touchscreen control, bend simulation software with 3D part views, interlocked frame members, Dynamic Thickness Compensation, programmable ram tilt and CI’s exclusive six-axis linear motor backgage. New features found on the HY are an ergonomic sliding overhead control arm, unique built in storage cabinets, LED lighting, protective cylinder covers and side and rear guards. CI’s CIberLink generates daily log files of machine production and the provides the ability to monitor machine status on a remote dashboard. The HY provides the productivity and versatility required by today’s fabricators. Job setups are assisted with a graphical display of tool locations, photo and video attachments, hydraulic tool clamping and programmable crowning. Ram speed of 550 ipm and precision ram repeatability of +.0002” assure fast and consistent production. The generous 14” stroke and 21” open height tackle challenging part shapes and tool heights. The new HY is backed by CI’s factory trained field service technicians and factory phone support with online diagnostics. The new 150ton model will be released at Fabtech 2019. Additional size models will be released in the future.

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