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Originally founded in 1949, ASC has been serving the metal-forming industry exclusively as a machinery engineering and manufacturing company for over 70 years. 

ASC specializes in rollforming machinery, tooling, and associated equipment utilized for metal processing.

 Press Releases

  • The all-new TKR-X™ Purlin Rollforming Line is more than the next Generation - It's the next Level in Purlin Rollforming.

    ASC customers can choose between a Single Arm or Double Arm Drag Brake Uncoiler in different sizes that can handle coils from 10,000-lb to 30,000-lb. All Uncoiler are hydraulically driven and feature a modular, pneumatic disc braking system. ASC also offers rotating and non-rotating coil cars and Turnstiles for faster coil changes.

    The standard speed Modular Pre-Punch System pulls the coil stock directly from the Uncoiler and positions the material accurately for the next hole location.

    The High Speed System includes an additional Feed Roll Assembly with Peeler Table to feed the material from the Uncoiler into a Pit. The High Speed Servo Feeder of the Modular Punching Unit pulls the coil stock out of the Pit to achieve higher production rates.

    Both systems are designed with a combination of manual or servo adjustable C-Frames and 4-Post Die Sets.

    The Flexibility of this set up guarantees highest throughput speeds for your specific punch pattern. 

    ASC’s innovative design of the all-new TKR-X ™ Rollformer offers the highest level of Flexibility in the purlin market worldwide! Manual, Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic - ASC Customers are able to pick the level of automation they need today and tomorrow! The valuable Eave Strut Feature (up to 4:12 Pitch) is now included on all TKR-X ™ Rollformer.

    The new Modular Construction System of the TKR-X ™ Rollformer makes it possible to add the following steps of automation:

    1) AUTO-ASSIST: Automatic Change Over  C/Z and Web & Flange
    2) AUTO GAUGE: Automatic Set Up Drive Rolls
    3) FULL AUTO: Automatic Fixture Set Up and automatic Eave Strut Set Up

    In addition ASC Customers can now expand their Product Portfolio and enter new Markets by adding the new S-WEB (min 3" Web) and XL-WEB (max 24") option.


  • TKR-X CZ Purlin Rollforming Line
    ASC's all-new TKR-X™ Purlin Line offers you the highest grade in flexibility on the market to fulfill your needs of today and tomorrow....

  • ASC's all-new TKR-X™ Purlin Line offers you the highest grade in flexibility on the market to fulfill your needs of today and tomorrow.

    Customers can choose between different grades of automation and will also be able to add additional automation at a later date.

    A lot of new features as for example the S-WEB (min3')  and XL-WEB (max 24") option allows customers to expand their product portfolio and enter new Markets.

    Visit us at booth A5168 to explore the new TKR-X™ Purlin Line. More information right here

  • Roof & Wall Panel Rollforming Lines
    ASC designs and manufactures Panel Rollforming Lines for customers with low, medium or high volume production needs since 1949....

  • For more than seven decades ASC Machine Tools, Inc. has been working together with the Metal Building Industry and developed a reputation for innovation, high quality and responsiveness in the design of Metal Wall and Roof Panel Lines.

    ​We are proud to offer multiple custom designed Panel Rollforming Lines for customers with low, medium or high volume production needs. All of our Panel Lines are available as a SINGLE or DUAL HEIGHT Version with Pre-Cut and/or Post-Cut Shear Systems. And the best, all of our panel lines are made in Spokane,WA USA!

    ​The new ALPHA SERIES™ is a new revolutionary Panel Rollforming Line and the lower-cost option for customers with reduced production volumes. This  line is designed with a perfect balance of Performance, Superior Quality and Affordability and is the only Entry Level Rollforming line featuring Heavy Duty Cast Stands, Cast Bearing Blocks and a close-coupled Front-End.

    The SELECT SERIES™ and CLASSIC SERIES™ are designed for customers with increased production needs and offer a variety of additional features to improve throughput and efficiency. Depending on the product, the Cut-off system and Drive System these lines production speed can be between 150 and 450 FPM!

  • Custom Rollforming Lines
    70 years of experience in tooling design and manufacturing of custom built world-class rollforming lines...

  • ASC is a vertically integrated machinery design and manufacturing company and performs virtually all steps of the manufacturing process. Its primary business is providing equipment for the steel construction industry and the two-piece food and beverage can industry.

    In addition ASC supplies custom designed metal-forming equipment to other industries such as solar, rail road, lighting, stamping, heating and air-conditioning, garage door.  Most of these custom rollforming lines produce shapes that have never been rollformed before!

    This is where ASC's 70 years of experience in tooling design and manufacturing of custom designed world-class rollforming lines make the difference!

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