Advanced Spiral Technology

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    TruHelix™ Flight Manufacturing System A totally unique patented system for designing and manufacturing sectional spiral flights, augers, screw conveyor components. ...

  • The AST TruHelix™ flight forming system is not just a machine and some tools, but a complete “system” for the efficient, accurate and consistent manufacture of quality “pure helix” sectional screw flights, which requires nothing more than some basic training.  

    The TruHelix™ flight forming systems ability to produce consistent superior quality flights starts with a perfect annulus (blank) using our patented software, with faster set-up times, little to no material wastage, minimal operator skill required.

    By manufacturing better quality flights you will have far quicker times for fitting, as flights fit perfectly with no misalignment or gaps.  Saving time = saving cost.

    The fact that the system components also require little to no maintenance and take up far less storage space than conventional dies helps to reduce your manufacturing costs.

    This entirely system-driven process means that the initial investment is quickly re-couped by the superior productivity performance, far higher quality of the finished product at the same time allowing you to utilise operators with no substantial skill base and minimal training.

    Our TruHelix™ flight forming system allows flight manufacturers to respond far quicker to their needs while at the same time producing a higher specification unique flight to match your requirements and possibly supply to other manufacturers.

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