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  • Reika, the specialized German machine-tool manufacturer for tubular applications, announces the launch of a new machine series 218/318 Compact. This machine line is based on the proven chip less cutting machine 215 where more than 100 units have been delivered in the recent years. Now, the chip less cutting head has been re-designed and placed into a new compact machine design with a chamfering and facing section and high-performance transport systems. The material inlet system has been adopted for coiled tubes, either steel or copper. The first batch of four machines is going to be delivered to one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of fitting systems. The coils can be individually loaded or staggered on a driven automatic turning table. The following guiding wheel between the turning table and the straightening section is air cushioned and the tension is infinitely adjustable. The straightening section can be equipped with a quick-change device for the different tube diameters, making set-up times of less than one minute possible. The concentric hydraulically operated gripper device is driven by servo axis as well as the turning table and the other machine axis´. Automatic flaw cut-out as well as automatic connector cut-out are integrated with color detection and positioning system. The parts are cut chip less with rotating tools and minimum material waste. Tool life time is reaching up to 150k cuts. The cut parts are transported via automatic grippers into and through the chamfering section, parts are length measured and discharged to the following bins or forming machines. The high efficiency and the low tool cost are proven from other applications in the automotive industry. Reika is an automotive “A” – supplier for 20 years and has worldwide installations in the OEM Industry.

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  • New production cell for processing of premium coupling blanks and cutting of

    tempered tubes is taking customers on the fast lane

    Facts and figures are crucial in a decision making process. For the final assessment, however, a personal presentation can be the contributing factor.

    When Braun, CEO of Reika, introduced the advanced RingSaw® to a large audience of international decision makers of the tube industry during the ITA conference back in November 2017, he had little to hardly any expectations of what will be the follow up.

          For sure every company maintains to deliver the highest quality ever, but Braun has proven it. The RingSaw®  concept is based on a special saw head rotating around the fixed workpiece and is, above all, convincing due to the high-precision cutting quality in terms of squareness, length tolerance and even cutting surface. Thanks to the RingSaw®, the cut is right-angled and almost burr-free within a pipe diameter range of 100-610 mm. Therefore, facing on the lathes is no longer necessary, the coupling blanks will be machined externally and, if necessary, also internally on heavy duty turning machines. The positioning of the blanks is perpendicular to the center line of the lathe chuck and therefore the machining depth can be reduced.

    Thus the RingSaw® Technology delivered by German based equipment manufacturer Reika offers a high efficient production cell for premium coupling blanks. This completely flexible and powerful production cell consisting of RingSaw®,  lathes and robots has been developed in recent years with the focus on using low cost standard turning machines for the premium couplings. The fully automated production cell, its modular design giving it a high level of adaptability, performs outside and inside turning and potentially also thread cutting. Marking units, measuring stations and material tracking are also provided in the automatic process. Minimum workforce for multi-machine operation increases the profits of production. Automatic palletizing with an integrated automatic pallet changer is also provided.

    This unique technology has meanwhile captured a widespread high-profile awareness across Europe and leading nations of the pipe industry. A leading Russian steel pipe manufacturer, a well-known global player, has ordered last year a fully automatic RingSaw® production line with robots and turning machines. Meanwhile the facility approval has been completed successfully. Now the Russian manufacturer is able to produce up to 300 coupling blanks per hour according to API Standards on an single machine. Based on his satisfaction with the new RingSaw®  technology the Russian manufacturer has now ordered again two production lines for his premium coupling production.

    Success is and has always been the best promotion. Following the lead of the Russian company another large international pipe manufacturer ordered the new RingSaw® technology. And this is just the beginning of the story.

    Since the personal presentation of the RingSaw®  technology during the ITA conference in November 2017, manufacturers from all over the world are interested in taking advantage of the latest developments at Reika and order constantly. „They are beating a path to our door“, tells Hans-Jörg Braun and he delivers another reason for the success of the RingSaw®. „Customers feedback from the past six years consistently prove that tool cost savings of up to 80 percent with a 40 to 60 percent increase in productivity can be achieved with the RingSaw® compared to conventional carbide saws. Long tool life and short changing times also ensure high availability for our customers. The return on investment is therefore secured within a very short time.“

    Good to know: Each RingSaw® is an individual solution, tailormade to the requirements of the customer. „We are looking forward to delivering the perfect solution for every client“, underlines Hans-Jörg Braun, „with all our passion for highest individual and industrial requests, we all make it happen.“

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  • The UK based market leader in the field of vehicle-mounted hydraulic systems, including front-end, underbody and ejector cylinders, has ordered another Reika cutting line after twenty years of continuous production on the first line. The reliability and performance of the first line was the driving argument for the new capital investment after such a long time. Every hydraulic cylinder housing is produced from a tubular blank, which has to be cut from a long precision steel tube according to the required length. As the English manufacturer is mainly producing telescopic cylinder units for truck and mining vehicles, the flexible variety of length is the challenge. As the ingoing drawn-over-mandrel tubes in the diameter range between 63 – 250 mm are quite expensive and the numbers per batch are not such high, the target was to minimize the scrap/rest end volume. The individual project engineering with tube optimization software and various loading and discharging positions was developed together with the customer´s team. Each ingoing tube is length measured before the cutting pattern is determined. The Siemens control includes a data table for the different production lengths and numbers. The weekly program can be downloaded and will be processed with minimum scrap. Anyhow, short rest ends, which cannot be avoided, will be either automatically transported back again to the bundle loader or will be separately discharged on a special “short length”-table. These lengths can be processed in a new production batch and will not be scrapped. The line is equipped with quick set-up features, the length adjustment in the following stations, such as boring and cleaning after the parting operation, are adjusted fully automatically. The clamping tools are reduced to a minimum, therefore the set-up time is reduced to 10 minutes for the complete manufacturing cell. The tube transport is executed by gripper systems and gantry design through the complete line. The boring system machines the cut tubes on both sides in a facing, chamfering and boring operation. The concentric clamping devices on each spindle side are working without tool change. The boring heads are also covering the complete production range without any tool change. The facer heads are automatically radially adjusted by a draw bar and servomotor. The concentricity of the internal bore to the outer diameter for the final laser welding of the end caps was challenging because of the tight tolerances. But the customer was quite impressed by the stability and accuracy of the production cell.

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