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With a history of excellence, Col-Met Engineered Finishing Solutions is a market leader in paint booths, powder booths, ovens, washers, AMU’s, and complete finishing systems for use in the industrial, automotive, truck and large equipment, and woodworking markets. Focusing on a combination of impeccable customer service and product innovations, Col-Met has earned the respect and admiration of finishing applicators worldwide who rely on the most authoritative source to service their needs. 

Col-Met’s mission is to bring the highest quality products, innovative solutions and engineered products to its distribution network with a relentless pursuit of maintaining customers for life.

Our business is more than manufacturing quality products. We have united the most brilliant and gifted engineers from the industry, a creative product innovation team, exceptional customer service experts and strong leaders who remain committed to serving our distribution partners as they grow and their needs expand.


  • E-Light LED Spray Booth Lighting
    Col-Met’s E-Light LED lights offer many advantages over fluorescent lights such as improved durability, longer life, lower energy usage, reduced maintenance costs and improved safety....

  • Col-Met to offer E-Light LED lights as standard in spray booths starting in January 2020.

    Col-Met E-Lights offer many advantages over fluorescent lamps such as improved durability, longer life span and lower energy usage. E-Light LED lights offer truer color rendering. The vibrancy of LED lights is beneficial in both liquid and powder booths applications. In addition to color vibrancy, the LED lights offer a fuller color spectrum where color-match is an important element of the applications process.

    In addition to providing more vibrant, true color, there is significant the energy savings when using true LED light technology. The output of a fluorescent fixture is approximately 6,000 lumens and will require 134 watts of energy. Using the same wattage a LED fixture offers around 20,000 lumens. The energy efficiency of an LED light is more than double the efficiency of a fluorescent light and can usually offer 40-50% energy savings with the same or better light output. A typical fluorescent light has an expected life of 2,000 to 10,000 hours versus an LED which can range between 50,000 to 100,00 hours, which is 5-10 times longer depending on the environment, condition and application.

    Col-Met offers LED panels that lay flat against the booth and are placed for maximum illumination. Our LED’s come in standard 4 & 8k configurations. In addition, we offer a full range of retro-fit packages to convert existing booth. Col-Met uses true LED lights with a driver board and LED’s. There are competitive “LED Solutions” that basically encapsulate LED’s in a fluorescent tube and install then in conventional fluorescent light fixtures that use a ballast. Although they get “LED” lighting, there is no actual reduction in energy usage. We always encourage end-user to seek out “True LED” technology

    Col-Met E-Light LED lights provide energy savings and longer life which equates to cost savings. Fluorescent bulbs begin to deteriorate as soon as they are put into use, which results in cooler temperatures than designed as well as a reduction in lighting output. The benefit of a true LED fixture, is the LEDs do not deteriorate from day one.

  • Col-Met AutoSeal Roll-Up Oven Door
    The new Col-Met AutoSeal roll up oven door is the perfect fit for batch and cure ovens with temperatures up to 500F. The AutoSeal door is a refreshing alternative to traditional oven doors and easily adapts to areas with space limitations....

  • When it comes to finishing process equipment, it is important to have door systems with reliable seals and high durability under continuous open/close cycles. An alternative to traditional doors, the new Col-Met AutoSeal roll-up door system is made with patented RollSeal sealing technology offering energy efficiency, improved operator safety, less maintenance and reduced floor space requirements. AutoSeal doors are perfect for batch and cure ovens with operational temperatures up to 500 F. The sealing technology creates an airtight environment for your finishing operation.

    Features & Benefits
    • 80% better sealing than conventional doors with four sides requiring air-tight sealing.
    • Reduces the amount of energy lost each time the door is opened.
    • Quick, easy installation.
    • Maximize space, increase workflow, and improve process efficiency.
    • Doors are built in compliance with NFPA and ETL standards.
    • Simple & lightweight design allows door to be safe and maintenance friendly.
    • Door exterior remains cool to the touch eliminating the need for personal safety equipment such as gloves to open or close the door.
    • Impact resistant design.
    • Low cost of ownership -- no scheduled maintenance.
    • No counter balance springs or weights, resulting in fewer moving parts and less maintenance.
    • Unlike conventional doors, AutoSeal doors can be patched if damaged so entire door does notneed replaced, saving money.

  • Col-Met Five-Year Spray Booth Warranty
    The quality and craftsmanship of Col-Met spray booths allow us to be the only spray booth manufacturer in the industry to offer a five-year warranty on spray booths when col-Met W-Series exhaust filters are used. ...

  • Col-Met has invested significant resources and time to create quality products that help customers save money. Improve operations or increase production. Built on years of experience, and customer feedback, Col-Met now offers a five-year warranty on dry filtration spray booths when Col-Met W-Series filters are used during the warranty period. Being the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a five-year warranty, Col-Met can offer customers peace of mind and confidence in their investment. 

    W-Series exhaust filters are manufactured by Col-Met and offer superior filtration characteristics, maximum holding capacity and are compatible with all coatings while offering lower operating costs and fewer filter change outs.

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