Angle-Rite® Clamping System  

1924 Cape George Rd
Port Townsend,  WA  98368-9623

United States
  • Booth: B20102

The patented Angle-Rite® design controls weld shrinkage and distortion by compensating during the welding process. The unique interlocking design holds tube and pipe connections in place. The intersected tube retains its original curvature or straightness after welding.

Angle-Rite® gives you total control. Set angles visually, simply dial-in the desired angle and lock it in place. Once the angle is set, the secondary clamp and tube are transferable between connections, cutting attachments, and other positions. You can also change the angle without losing track of where you started. 

Angle-Rite® increases safety. For example, you can set up an entire railing; disconnect the interlocking primary and secondary clamps attached to the tubes, and reassemble it at a different location without losing any of your angles or alignments; moving your project to a different location eliminates damage to the project’s finished surfaces and away from flammable materials.


  • Angle-Rite® Cluster Kit
    Angle-Rite® Clamp with patented weld distortion compensation introduces the Cluster Kit which allows you to join up to three intersecting tubes with one clamp. The Cluster Kit is available for both the No. 3 and No.4 clamp sizes as an accessory....

  • Angle-Rite® Clamp now has a new accessory to help you easily join multiple (up to three) intersecting tubes or pipes at one location. This cutting edge accessory, aptly called the Cluster Kit, will seamlessly allow you to create your intersecting joints.


    Designed for more complex tube and/or pipe projects, the Cluster Kit will help streamline the process, while maintaining the patented weld distortion compensation the Angle-Rite® Clamp is known for. In addition to streamlining, waste is reduced due to the ability of locking in the angles of the intersecting tubes or pipes. By maintaining the determined angle during the notching process, the need to go back and forth between measuring and notching is greatly reduced, if not completely eliminated.


    The Cluster Kit is available for purchase with any Angle-Rite Clamp order. To see the Cluster Kit and try it yourself, visit the Angle-Rite® Clamp at Booth B20102.

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