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 Press Releases

  • The laser printed nanocomposite delivers a yield strength of up to 1000 MPa, plasticity over 10%, and Young’s modulus of approximately 200 GPa, offering one of the highest specific Young’s modulus and specific yield strengths among structural metals, as well as an improved specific strength and thermal stability up to 400 °C compared to other aluminum-based materials.
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  • Nano-Enhanced Aluminum Wires/Rods/Plates/Tubes
    Nano-Enhanced Aluminum Wires/Rods for high-quality welding and Additive Manufacturing of previously unweldable high strength aluminum alloys (e.g. 7000 & 2000-series) ; High-strength Nano-Enhanced Aluminum plates and tubes available too....

  • Key Technical and Economic Benefits of Welding Wires/Rods
    ✓ Completely eliminate hot cracking defects
    ✓ Exceptional grain refinement and modification
    ✓ Wires can be made from underused metal alloys
    ✓ Improve weld quality and reduce demanding welding conditions
    ✓ Weld those traditionally impossible-to-weld metals
    ✓ Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing

    Key Technical and Economic Benefits for Nano Treated High Strength Aluminum Alloys:

    ✓ Easy to cast into complex shapes
    ✓ Faster extrusion and rolling speeds
    ✓ Weldable by arc welding or any other fusion welding methods
    ✓ Little stress corrosion cracking
    ✓ Exceptional thermal stability and creep resistance

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