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Dynatect (formerly known as A&A Manufacturing) provides innovative solutions for the protection of people and valuable equipment.

Dynatect designs and manufactures custom motion and protection applications to safeguard the mechanical components on virtually all types of equipment and machinery without interfering with machine motion. Dynatect offers protective covers, bellows, cable and hose carriers, molded elastomeric components, roll-up doors, way cover repair, custom ball screws and ball screw rebuild/repair.

Dynatect is always ready to innovate and customize designs if one piece or thousands are needed. Whether the application requires a complex assembly or basic component, customers can expect Dynatect to take the time to understand their application needs. Dynatect draws from over 500,000 customized solutions to offer its customers the widest range of flexibility, design ingenuity and support from concept through application.


  • Safe Machine Door Actuator
    Dynatect Safe Machine Door Actuator (SMDA) door drives incorporate reliable, integrated functions to implement safe force and speed limits for horizontal doors weighing up to 1,650 lbs. (750 kg). https://dynatect.com/product/doors/machine-door-actuator/ ...

  • Automating machine door operation is important for the protection of workers and expensive equipment such as machine tools (lathing, milling, grinding etc.), die casting machines, and general production machines.

     The Safe Machine Door Actuator (SMDA) line from SERVAX, available exclusively in North America through Dynatect, offers a complete end-to-end solution with a maintenance-free direct drive motor, a compact controller and intelligent operating software. The drive, which is based on proven technology for pedestrian passages, is fitted with a protective function that triggers an immediate change of direction if an obstacle is encountered.  SMDA ensures that the force and permissible kinetic energy are compliant with EN 12453, and EN 14120 is safely maintained.

     With the user-friendly SMDTuner operating software, commissioning the protective door is quick and easy. This PC software is used to program the machine door actuator, start up the machine door actuator, query status values, and save the data so that data records already created can be archived for documentation purposes.

     There is also a Retrofit Kit available for both new machines and retrofitting existing machines, for all horizontal door types (lateral/central/telescoping) and door openings up to 59".

    Key Benefits

    • Wide machine compatibility
    • Easy and fast retrofit
    • Commissioning within 15 minutes
    • No additional control cabinet
    • CAD data for mechanical configuration
    • No need for additional safety elements (light curtain, bumper bar)
  • Gortite® VF Automated Machine Safety Door
    Dynatect’s Gortite® VF Automated Machine Safety Door restricts access to hazardous operations while allowing the operator to stay closer to the work area, thus improving ergonomics and increasing productivity....

  • Dynatect’s Gortite® VF Automated Machine Safety Door can increase productivity by minimizing cycle time and maximizing production time. The VF door also limits the depth penetration factor and average approach speed, allowing closer location of the safeguarding device. Unlike light curtains, a physical barrier with safety sensors can save up to 30 sq./ft. of manufacturing space. The door is installed in conjunction with existing machine guard panels on each side of the door to enhance the separation of environments further

    Although the VF Door satisfies the need of both an automated roll-up door and high-speed industrial door, application emphasis is on use as a secure barrier. Equipped with a traveling photoeye sensor, the door can come to a full stop in a matter of seconds.  It is typically applied to automated production and machine processes that require preventive safety measures such as robotic welding, processing, and transport tasks. The door can contain typical machine/process generated hazards including light debris, fluid splatter/mist, and weld smoke/sparks/flash.

    Easy Installation
    The modular system arrives with top roll header fully assembled; no cutting/drilling/tapping or welding is required for assembly. The default design is not dependent on machines or walls for support. You can also reduce the footprint by eliminating the feet and bolting the door directly to infrastructure.

    For accessibility and convenience, all sensor cables are terminated on the motor-side leg column of the door frame to a passive block with industry standard quick disconnects.

    The removable, aluminum side column covers provide access for installation, travel adjustment, preventive maintenance, and adding accessories such as interlocks.

    Multiple T-slots in the side columns and header allow for structure and accessory mounting. Side columns feature T-slots on the side and back. Custom bracketry and wall-mount adaptation is available.

    Attractive appearance enhances your modern facility. All aluminum and steel external surfaces are powder coated (base plate, columns, covers, and top roll header).

    The door mechanism moves on maintenance-free ball-bearing based guidance system for smooth, low-wear operation. Non-contact sensors eliminate the need for mechanical cam-switches.


    The side columns consist of extruded aluminum profiles and structural 2” square steel tube. Standard travel speed is 44”/second with up to 2 complete cycles per minute, continuous operation. The VF door was developed for more than 1 million cycles. A 1-year warranty is provided.

    The door itself is retained in columns to minimize risk of people falling through a closed door (conforms with OSHA guardrail requirements). A traveling photo-eye option (bottom edge sensing and reversing) is available with any controls option. The safety interlock option meets PLe/Cat-4 safety requirements
    when combined with appropriate logic and conformance to risk assessment.

    Height for end-travel sensors and optional interlock sensors are fully field adjustable. A wide variety of options from “controls-by-integrator” to “turnkey” are available. The standard motor can be mounted in multiple orientations to minimize overall door width.


  • Protective Covers
    Dynatect manufactures protective guarding under the Gortite® brand which includes a full line of protective covers in various styles such a bellows, roll-up covers and doors, and multi-axis shields. https://dynatect.com/categories/protective-covers/ ...

  • Dynatect has designed and manufactured dynamic equipment protection for over 70 years. Our diverse industry experience includes medical, manufacturing, transportation, heavy equipment, commercial, and entertainment. Our protective covers are utilized for both new OEM designs as well as replacements. The Gortite® product line enables you execute a wide range of common protection applications such as:

    • Machine way covers and bellows
    • Machine roof covers
    • Bellows for flexible ducting and cylinder protection
    • Roll-up doors for machine access
    • Walk-on safety pit covers

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