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Hymson is a leading supplier of innovative laser cutting and automation equipment in China. For the past decades, industrial manufacturers have relied on Hymson for tailor-made lasers cutting equipment and automation solutions. With one of the largest R&D, manufacturing capabilities in our industry, as well as global footprint and distribution network, enables us to proactively meet our Customers newest technological challenges. For the emerging Flexible, Formable & Printed technologies, Hymson has developed a robust portfolio of new products and technologies to specifically meet the demanding performance and reliability requirements of flexible industrial materials processing market.

With 5 factories in China (enjoys more than 5.74 million sq.ft), Hymson is one of the most largest laser manufacturer in the world. Also it has established Hymson R&D Center in Italy, Hymson Europe GmbH and Hymson USA Inc., which enable Hymson to serve the customer globally.


  • HF LU Series
    Hymson "All in One" Laser Cutting Machine. 1. Automatic loading and unloading system 2. Parallel kinematic technology, superior performance in thin materials 3. Assemble with retractable grippers to ensure remarkable precise cutting....

  • Hymson offers a fiber laser cutting machine that is compact and is a technologically advanced product. The machine, complete with loading and unloading system, does not exceed the overall dimensions of 10.6 x 6.3 meters for the HF3015LU model.

    The fiber laser is a diode YB-fiber pumped laser (wavelength 1070 nm), which allows to obtain a high beam quality. Offers important advantages in comparison to the CO2 laser as energy saving, minimum maintenance cost, possibility of working more types of materials and in general the undoubted superior reliability of the product.

    Elimination of various costs (e.g. the significant consumption of pressurized gas of the CO2 laser) makes the machine an interesting investment.

    We offer fiber sources with power from 2 to 4 kW with very low power consumption.  A carbon fiber appliance for accelerations up to 4g and a fiber laser head that supports power up to 4 kW. 

    Among the advantages:

    • A mechanism in lightweight carbon fiber for fast and precise movements of the laser head (up to 4g acceleration)
    • Higher cutting speeds (especially on thicknesses under 6 mm), lower operating costs;
    • The fiber laser cutting machine has a lower cost per piece;
    • The machine allows cutting of more reflective materials;
    • The fiber laser cutting machine has an energy efficiency three times greater than the CO2 laser;

    The here proposed fiber laser cutting machine produces automatic, the continuous presence of the operator is not required.

  • HF H Series
    High Power Smart Laser Cutting Machine 1. Outstanding Power Up To 15kW; 2. Multiple Choices for Extension; 3. Great Design for Automatic Production Line;...

    • The HF H series is a high power (up to 15kW) laser cutting solution with automatic producing.
    • With outstanding performance on reliability, accuracy and rigidity, the machine bed contains up to 15kW of laser power.
    • Extension for automatic loading and unloading system, automatic storage tower and etc.
    • Wide range of metals are cut with excellent quality and efficiency.
    • Additional unique cutting methods highly develop the processing of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals proudly provided by HyLaser 3.0.
    • Simple and intuitive control system allows a beginner to have a fast utilization of fiber laser cutting.
    • The longer you run, the more profit you have. High-speed cutting with low operation costs and maintenance requirements.
  • HP D Series
    Expert-class Ultra-high Speed Intelligent Machine Tool. 1. Automatic Loading And Unloading System; 2. Easily Handle Variety Shapes of Tubes; 3. Fully Covered with Protecton;...

    • The new HP·D series laser tube cutting machine is an expert-class ultra-high speed intelligent machine tool.
    • Automatic loading and unloading platform, high-speed tube change, easy renewal cutting, ensure long-term efficient operation.
    • Double-acting pneumatic chuck, high-precision positioning, can cut a variety of tube type with different thicknesses.
    • HP·D has a highly automated, five-axis linkage, ultra-fast rotation, movement and high-precision positioning, enabling 24-hour stable cutting.

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