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E.H. Wachs is the premier manufacturer of portable, powered weld prep machine tools designed for cutting, beveling, and facing pipe, tube and vessels. Engineering excellence, precision manufacturing, meticulous hand assembly and careful inspection set E.H. Wachs products apart.

E.H. Wachs machining products are the first choice of machining professionals in new construction, maintenance and repair activities in the power generation, oil and gas production and pipeline distribution industries, among many others. Wachs portable weld prep machine tools include O.D. mounted pipe cutters and bevelers, I.D. mounted pipe bevelers and flange facers, our industry standard Trav-L-Cutter® milling cutter beveler, the famous Guillotine® pipe saws, and our powerful RS-2 and P2 handheld valve turners/operators.

In addition, we offer a complete line of high purity products and orbital welding systems in North and South America in conjunction with our corporate partner Orbitalum Tools. Sold and supported worldwide (with most available for rental), our products are built to world class standards under ISO 9001.  For additional information visit www.ehwachs.com


  • DynaPrep MDSF End Mill System
    E.H. Wachs End Mill System is an accessory for the DynaPrep MDSF™ that provides an alternative solution to traditional lathe machining for pipe cutting, beveling and weld excavation....

  • Suitable for field machining or fab shops, Wachs DynaPrep End Mill System converts the MDSF into an advanced milling machine tool. It’s ideal for compression cuts on spring tensioned pipe, where a workpiece under load can shift during machining causing stalling, binding or breaking of traditional tooling. The End Mill Systems powerful 360 degree cutting action allows the milling head to “cut itself out of a bind.”

    The end mill system comes complete with three major assemblies: the heavy duty milling head, a low speed hydraulic drive motor, and a dual circuit hydraulic control panel. All are equipped with 25in (635mm) hose whips with standard QD connections to an available hydraulic power supply (HPU). A tooling package consisting of three .75in end mill tools is also included. The milling head attaches to the DynaPrep MDSF Split Frame without any modifications, using the standard mounting points. The drive motor utilizes the standard MDSF 6B spline drive with the quick connect latch feature.

    The DynaPrep MDSF Split Frame (sold separately) serves as the milling system platform, rotating the milling head circumferentially around the workpiece. The end mill system can be fitted to any DynaPrep MDSF split frame 28 inch or larger. The dual circuit control panel has separate controls for feed rate (drive motor) and cutting (spindle) speed. The milling module utilizes a hydraulic drive motor for long life, precise results and greater control. A benefit of the end mill system is, if beveling is required, the cut line of the milling head matches the bevel tooling cutline when using standard MDSF tool slides. No
    repositioning of the split frame is necessary.

    The milling head is engineered to withstand loads in multiple directions for extended duty cycles and demanding applications. A manual handwheel is used for plunge control and to set the cutting depth. The milling head is secured with brackets that use the standard mounting points, and be can be radially positioned in the bracket. The plunge depth handwheel offers a total travel of 4.3in (110mm), and is secured at the desired depth with two locking brackets.

    Unlike traditional lathe pipe cutting solutions that machine the entire circumference, Wachs End Mill System offers the ability to selectively machine a specific area, such as a porous or failing area of an otherwise properly performing weld. Compound-angle double bevel end milling tooling, combined with the module’s precise feed and depth control, allows for highly targeted weld evacuation.

    For additional information visit E.H. Wachs at B17050 or online at ehwachs.com.

  • DynaPrep MDSF Weld Crown Removal Module
    E.H. Wachs WCR Weld Crown Removal module for the DynaPrep MDSF provides a low clearance, high precision solution for removing pipe weld crowns, in the field or fab shop....

  • E.H. Wachs WCR Weld Crown Removal module for the DynaPrep MDSF provides a low clearance, high precision solution for removing pipe weld crowns, in the field or fab shop. Weld crown removal is the process of removing the raised weld crown flush with the pipe surface to meet specific requirements. This module attaches to the DynaPrep MDSF Split Frame without any modifications needed. The WCR module advances the tooling axially as the MDSF, serving as the drive platform, rotates radially.

    With a 3.75in ((95mm) tooling stroke and a 2.5in (63mm) slide mounting stroke, the WCR offers up to a total of 6.25in (158mm) of axial stroke, large enough for even the widest weld crown. The module can be positioned radially at any of six mounting positions, giving a radial mounting range of 3in (76mm) for maximum versatility. The WCR is built tough to handle extreme machining forces, even at its full stroke extension.

    Easy and fast to setup and operate, it requires only the same two hand tools as the MDSF. It’s designed to accept standard Wachs DuoEdge tooling that offers a low cost per cut due to its long life multiedge tooling inserts. The WCR tooling insert holder offers two different mounting locations for maximum versatility. The WCR features Rapid Adjust to manually advance or retract the cutting head, and uses the MDSF standard trip and starwheel advance that requires no indexing.

    In Power Generation and other industries weld crowns may require machining to meet in service inspection regulations, or surface finish and profile requirements. In Pipeline applications, the weld crown may need to be removed for procedures like clamp installation. Wachs WCR Weld Crown Removal module for the DynaPrep MDSF uses a safe, cold-cutting machining process that does not create heat or sparks. It precisely removes the raised weld crown while preserving the native pipe material and weld integrity, leaving a smooth, machined finish ready for inspection or further processing.

    For additional information visit E.H. Wachs at B17050, or online at ehwachs.com.

  • Orbitwin SmartWelder Switching Unit
    Orbitalum sets new standards in productivity and user convenience with the market leading Orbitwin Switching Unit....

  • The Orbitwin SmartWelder Switching Unit allows the connection and alternate operation of two weld heads from a single power supply, delivering maximum productivity.With the Orbitwin an operator can position and set up a weld while the first weld head is operating.

    When a weld head is activated the previously assigned program, purge gas and coolant flow is automatically switched to the active head. The inactive weld head is locked out, preventing inadvertent operation for secure set up. The Orbitwin features “twin” connections for Orbitalum enclosed orbital weld heads and the Orbitalum hand torch, ideal for pre-tacking a weld.

    The Orbitwin is compact and lightweight, with a durable powder coated finish. It convenientlylatches beneath OM180 SmartWelder in the identical fooprint. All connections are well marked and color coordinated, so connecting the Orbitwin and weld heads to the SmartWelder is fast and easy.

    For additional information visit E.H. Wachs / Orbitalum in Booth B17050, or online at orbitalum.us.

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