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KOHLER develops and produces part leveling machines and strip feeding lines for presses and stamping machines, as well as cut-to-length lines, including for instance steel service centers, mechanical engineering firms, and for the automotive industry.

As the technology leader we set standards in the industry through innovative solutions, such as trendsetting drive concepts and dispensing with hydraulic systems on our part leveling machines. Levelers from KOHLER produce optimum leveling results that increase sheet-metal processing quality and productivity. Highly efficient and consistently reliable machines from KOHLER provide for consistent cost-effectiveness over the long term. We are reducing the energy consumption and resources used in machines to benefit the environment.

Our headquarters and production facility are located in Lahr/Germany, with a further site in Shanghai, China and Moscow, Russia. In its almost 60 years of existence, KOHLER has successfully realized more than 6,700 reference projects around the world.


 Press Releases

  • This year KOHLER Maschinenbau GmbH, based in the Black Forest area of Germany, will once again attend FABTECH and show its proven hydraulic-free Peak Performer part leveling machine.

    As a leading global manufacturer of leveling solutions for the metalworking industry, KOHLER frequently stuns the sector with its customer-focused innovations, the latest of which is an enhancement to its batch-produced Peak Performer part leveling machine that can now level sheets up to 50 % thicker than before.

    Thanks to high-performance direct drive technology, the machine can handle material thicknesses up to 25 mm. With its extended working range, the machine out performs all competitors with its turnable leveling rollers – a pioneering innovation in the marketplace – and an advanced cleaning system allows for the easiest cleaning system for leveling rollers and supporting rollers in the market place.

    The Peak Performer works completely without hydraulics and thus combines highest precision with maximum efficiency as well as environmental compatibility.

    Visit us at our booth #A3107



  • Peak Performer part leveling machine
    Intuitive user Interface - Innovative group drive - Electromechanical leveling gap control - Highly responsive overload protection - Advanced cleaning System - Reversible leveling rollers - Cost efficiency without hydraulics ...

  • Peak Performer part leveling machine

    Machine Highlights:

    Innovative group drive reduces wear and significantly extends machinable cross section

    KOHLER has optimized the drive concept for part leveling machines in the Peak Performer 80P and higher series. The conventional approach, in which the drive shafts are driven by a single motor, has been superseded by one in which a number of geared motors are situated on the leveling rollers, which they then drive directly. This new drive concept reduces the extent to which the leveling rollers slip on the material as it is being leveled, resulting in a smoother surface finish. The overall tension in the machine is reduced, producing less wear and a demonstrably higher level of energy efficiency in the drive train. Another factor that benefits from the direct input of power into the leveling rollers is that higher material cross sections can be leveled. The working range is significantly increased, particularly in the case of wider sheets. The Peak Performer 80P is able to level S355-grade sheet steel that is up to 14 mm thick and with a width of 1500 mm.

    Turnable leveling rollers with longer service life

    The fact that the leveling rollers of the new Peak Performer generation are turnable extends their service life, especially in situations where machines with relatively large processing widths are used to level narrow workpieces, as this places an above-average loading on one side of the rollers. KOHLER engineers have also been able to extend the service life of the rollers by configuring the supporting rollers in a specific arrangement to displace the point load exerted on the leveling rollers once they have been turned.

    Advanced cleaning system

    The Peak Performer features an advanced cleaning system to make it easy to clean the leveling rollers and supporting rollers. After the powered raising of the top roller frame, either the top or the bottom guide plate with the supporting rollers and leveling rollers can be slid out of the machine, powered entirely by an electric motor. This allows any dirt particles to be removed quickly and without any fuss.

    Electromechanical leveling gap control

    The quiet, energy-efficient leveling gap control actuators keep the leveling gap constant through a four-fold wedge system on roller bearings. The high level of rigidity and force-stroke conversion rate permit incompressible, rapid, and precise control at variable high loads. As a result, the machine can also level complex parts with varying profiles made of high-strength materials to produce outstanding results.

    Cost efficiency without hydraulics

    The Peak Performer from KOHLER operates without hydraulic systems and so combines ultimate precision with maximum efficiency as well as environmental sustainability. Reduced energy consumption, lower maintenance requirements, zero leaks, and no susceptibility to temperature fluctuations reduce costs and  maximize efficiency.

    Visit us at our booth #A3107 and experience the KOHLER Peak Performer part leveling machine!


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