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  • From intelligent pneumatics to actuators, grippers, and Cartesian robots, Festo features productivity solutions. FABTECH Booth #A1414.

    ISLANDIA, NY, November 6, 2019 — Festo displays a comprehensive array of electric and pneumatic motion automation solutions at FABTECH 2019, November 11-14, McCormick Place in Chicago. Festo solutions for gripping and actuation, online design of Cartesian robots and control panels, and the company’s logistics system for fast shipment support customer productivity improvements and ensure systems are brought to market faster and with less engineering required. Festo Booth #A1414

    One-stop-shop for grippers and actuators

    Festo showcases its wide range of grippers, including standard grippers that are powerful, precise, and space optimized; long stroke grippers (sealed versions available); and electric grippers that feature integrated controllers and simple installation. Application specific grippers from Festo include adaptative fingers, bellows for delicate handling, and rotary gripper combinations. The new DHEF adaptive gripper can hold a range of shapes, unaligned objects, and several objects at once.

    To offer the widest possible gripper selection and the convenience of a one-stop-shop for grippers, Festo is a distributor for selected best-in-class grippers. The company distributes ZAYTRAN grippers, which are designed for the harsh environments found in the metal working and welding industry. For the first time Festo displays its newest distributed product – innovative magnetic grippers from Magswitch. Magswitch gripping systems feature true on-and-off magnetic technology and can significantly simplify and lower costs in robotic welding, pick-and-place, and body-in-white applications. ZAYTRAN and Magswitch grippers integrate seamlessly into Festo electric and pneumatic motion systems.

    FABTEC attendees will find a range of pneumatic actuators, including:

    • Large diameter
    • Semi rotary
    • Fabco pancake
    • Guided
    • Compact
    • Linear

    Festo guarantees 24-hour global shipment on its core product range, which includes grippers, actuators, and other automation solutions. Festo core products cover 80 percent of automation needs. 

    Servo pneumatic solution for balancers

                Festo displays its servo-pneumatic drive solution kit, YHBP, for all types of balancers. The benefits of this drive include fast automatic weight detection, performance level “d” in the safety version, and ease-of-use both in commissioning and for diagnostics. YHBP consists of a pneumatic ISO cylinder, displacement encoder, balancer controller with preinstalled web visualization, balancer valve unit, and a pneumatically operated handle. Additionally, the safety version features a sensor interface and a safety relay unit for speed monitoring.

    Design a pick-and-place robot and control cabinet in minutes  

    Festo demonstrates a Cartesian robot and control cabinet that were designed in minutes utilizing the Handling Guide Online and Festo Motion Control Package online design tools. These productivity tools slash the costs of engineering, assembling, and programming Cartesian robots – robots that can be used for assembly and general-handling applications.

    With Handling Guide Online, engineers enter application parameters such as load and speed and the online tool designs the optimum two- or three-axes robot. The design process averages 20 minutes. The Festo Motion Control Package concurrently designs the control panel. Control panels arrive fully assembled. After delivery, robots can be in operation in a matter of hours.

    Intelligent pneumatic system for fast changeover requirements

    The VTEM Motion Terminal’s intelligent pneumatic valves change functionality based on downloadable apps. The Motion Terminal is ideal for applications requiring fast changeover. At FABTECH, Festo shows the Motion Terminal changing functionality in a matter of seconds. Functionalities include:

    • Pressure control with a fluidic muscle DMSP
    • Presetting travel time with a DGC linear drive
    • Flow control with flow sensors SFAH
    • Caudal regulator with the DGC linear drive
    • Pick and place with a DGSL mini slide
    For more information, call 800-993-3786 and/or visit https://www.festo.us.
  • Magswitch switchable magnets improve the productivity and quality of stamping, welding, and pick-and-place operations. FABTECH Booth #A1414

    ISLANDIA, NY, November 5, 2019Festo now offers Magswitch switchable magnetic gripping and clamping solutions to automotive and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) through a new distribution agreement. See a Festo Magswitch demonstration at FABTECH Booth #A1414.

    Magswitch automation solutions are designed to last the life of a production line. The company has shown that energy costs can be lowered by as much as 90%, throughput can be increased by up to 30%, and capital costs reduced as much as 25% compared to systems using vacuum cups and pneumatic/electric grippers or clamps.

    Magswitch offers single sided gripping systems featuring true on-and-off magnetic technology that can significantly simplify and lower costs of complete automation systems in OEM assembled lines in such applications as robotic welding, pick-and-place, and body-in-white. Magswitch components integrate seamlessly into the Festo electric and pneumatic automated motion architecture. “The technology is a natural complement to the Festo range of products and global customer base,” said Ian Cleaver, Festo Industry Segment Director.

    Festo/Magswitch Solutions can be applied effectively to press lines and stamping operations where switchable magnets can handle lubricated sheet metal blanks more effectively than suction cups by gripping through lubrication. In assembly and body-in-white applications, Magswitch switchable magnets offer the versatility and simplicity of suction cups while maintaining the reliability and safety of traditional power clamps. With single sided clamping, Magswitch tools can facilitate higher speed and quality while welding, and when integrated with vision systems the tools streamline bin picking and handling randomly arranged components.

    In machine tending and pick-and-place applications, operations can be performed significantly faster with switchable magnetic end-of-arm tools compared to mechanical grippers, power clamps, and suction cups. Separating ferromagnetic sheets with Magswitch sheet fanners and variable flux systems decreases downtime significantly and enables double blank detection. Magswitch offers custom-pole-shoe accessories with superior holding force that can securely grip components with various geometries. Applications in I-beam handling, fixture tooling, and ergonomic lift assistance can deliver efficiency gains while reducing downtime and capital costs.

    “Switchable magnetics from Magswitch is an important addition to the Festo range of pneumatic and electric grippers and clamps,” said Darren O’Driscoll, product manager, Festo. “The fact these components integrate seamlessly within the Festo motion architecture adds additional value.”

    “Festo technology is incorporated within our switchable magnetic components,” said Joseph Cyrek, Magswitch President of Automation. “In addition, we have joint research and development projects underway. Extending our relationship to include Festo being a supplier and distributor benefits the numerous companies that will now have access to Festo and Magswitch integrated solutions.”

    For more information on Festo/Magswitch switchable magnetic solutions, call 800-993-3786 and visit http://www.festo.us.


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