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MetalFinish’s mantra, “WORKING ON YOUR EDGE” speaks to the core of our business. We do two things: we provide a wide range of sheet metal finishing product for all types of volume and budgets to meet your application and we serve a real tiny niche of the market with 3 specialty forming products.  We work hard to simplify the process, reduce the investment, improve reliability + ease of use and cost of ownership. We aim to find the correct technology for you. 


Whether for a job shop or a specialty OEM, we provide machines you need to finish your edges. We focus on deslagging, deburring, edge breaking, edge rounding, laser oxide removal and beveling in flat blanks and tube. We largely leave surface graining to companies offering wide belt sanders.


We do provide surface graining with our machines that dress welded features in 3 dimensional parts and then re-finish the surfaces to the original material grain. We also offer tube graining and polishing equipment. 

On the forming side we deliver programmable precision roll bending and corner forming machines and, as of recently,  the latest parts leveling technology to improve your quality  in more ways than just flat parts.

 Press Releases

  • DAP500 is the Lean Cost planetary brushing system that was developed by Loeser and MetalFinish LLC , for the cutting edge preparation of tools and the precise reproduction of components. Which results in a massive service life extension of the tools.

    Progressively, Loeser has improved and consolidated technologies globally by acquiring companies such as Niederberger, PFS, Vohbag joined hands with Surfinsys and AFT, to bring to you the world's largest experience in de-burring technology.

    Our proven and exacting planetary heads that have been the charm of a many around the globe have been instrumental in the path breaking development of the Lean Cost Deburring System – DAP500 making it yet another – world’s best.

    The DAP500 works on one and all, be it drills, inserts, stamping tools, dies for stamps and delivers bilateral results in both rounding the edges and improving the surfaces.

    The DAP500 is infinitely capable of de-burring and finishing other parts like sintered, flat and turned parts, milled parts and many other small series parts. 

    The extreme versatility of the DAP500 is one of it’s main characteristics and thus it is a one of it’s kind in the range of de-burring technologies world wide. 

    The machine is configured with a pallet for clamping workpieces and also available with a conveyor belt for continous linear operation.

    By using a DAP500, you can assure the least of chipping, and increase of service life due to the perfect roundness of the edges. 

    This longevity and prolonged service life helps reduce production costs on a regular use basis.

    In most tools that are hard coated face the issue of improper surfaces on the tools, The surface for such tools is easily improved both for aesthetical view and optimal performance of the tool.

    Finally the DAP500 almost eradicates the possibility of chippings on tools due to the micro deburring systems and results in smooth tools with long life performance.

  • The Loeser RPS 377 and RPS 376 centerless belt grinding systems have been raised to the new Industry 4.0 level. Now the systems adjust fully automated by laser sensors to the product size and take out the human error. In combination with super abrasives and online remote diagnostics by the 5G technology, they are serviced worldwide by remote. Preventative maintenance programs which are adjusted by the real-time usage reduce downtime and maximize the profits. 

    Stock removal rates on superalloys which can only be achieved by super abrasives in combination with the powerful RPS 377 grinders have been succesful implemented in the No1 companies in the USA like Cartech , Timken , Thyssen and others.

    Finest and most delicate tubing used in the medical , aircraft industry and space technology are handled by the reliable RPS 374 models.

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