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Shop Floor Automations specializes in machine monitoring using Scytec DataXchange. DataXchange can collect OEE metric data such as utilization, part counts and downtimes automatically over a wired or wireless Ethernet connection from MTConnect Fanuc FOCAS and OPC UA based machines.  DataXchange can also collect automatically from older and fabrication machines using an SRC, our low cost hardware module.

DataXchange offers unlimited users, reports, charts and manufacturing dashboards to provide you with the information you need to monitor OEE and reduce machine downtime and increase shop floor productivity. The available reports and charts include: timelines, trends, equipment status summaries, OEE summaries, downtime Pareto, scrap Pareto, plots, histograms, comparisons, and more.  The configurable Real Time Viewer dashboard is unlimited as well.

DataXchange is a Cloud or On-Premise analytic manufacturing machine monitoring system, with licensing determined by the amount of machines utilizing the software, and pricing discounts are offered as the quantity of connected equipment increases.

 Press Releases

  • Shop Floor Automations, a reseller for Scytec DataXchange, is pleased to announce that the Operator Data Interface (ODI) has been released as of late November 2018. This will replace the Data Entry screen and serves as a concise, clean and straightforward tool for monitoring manufacturing equipment. 

    Here are three things you will want to know about the DataXchange ODI:

    1. ODI makes data entry for machine activity simpler to use than ever. The device running ODI does not need internet access for data entry actions. Data that machinists can enter manually ranges from downtime reasons, to work orders, active part numbers, scrap part counts, and more. A Windows, Android or iOS tablet can also be installed at the machine to use the ODI right at the control, to save operators time. As a reminder – DataXchange and its new ODI can be used at more equipment than just CNC machines!
    2. Mobile ODI monitoring allows for more freedom. Get away from the shop floor so you don’t miss out on life events or emergencies. No longer worry about loss of access to the machine monitoring system if you’re away from work. You can view the ODI via the Apple app store, Google Play, and the Windows app store. You can also opt for text and email OEE notifications.
    3. This new display makes DataXchange even more customizable. The existing Custom Commands are still included, but even better, the display for tracking data is now easier to read. Other than lists, graphs or the shop floor layout, users can enjoy stacked color boxes that display the limited info needed and defined colors that symbolize equipment status. This will make displays via tablets, phones or even real time viewer dashboards on the shop floor easier to understand.  

    About SFA: Shop Floor Automations is a top CNC machine monitoring solutions reseller. Visit our social media sites – we are on Twitter @SFA_Inc, as well as Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram under our company name. Call for more info at (877) 611-5825 or Email

  • Hardware for fabricating equipment is at an all-time high demand. Manufacturing integrator Shop Floor Automations reports that manufacturers want to make their current equipment last longer and increase utilization without a huge monetary investment.

    Here are the Top 4 common solutions customers are seeking to improve manufacturing productivity at an economic price:

    1. Control of program storage for better drip-feeding – While DNC software systems are not the answer for every manufacturing company, hardware can easily fill this need. Low volume job shops that run the same programs for long periods of time can benefit from a portable DNC box. The device helps save time from needing to walk back and forth from PC to CNC. Drip-feeding is reliable when it’s from a USB stick with pre-approved programs on it. This process ensures the wrong program is not being run at machines.
    2. Modernizing floppy drives or RS232 ports – Floppy disks have been outdated technology for years. Trying to find them new or refurbished is a waste of time. Using USB sticks is a more convenient and reliable replacement. It is important that manufacturers understand floppy disk emulators do not allow for larger programs to be run – it is purely a means to be able to use current technology on the shop floor. USB hardware, however, can allow operators to run larger programs.
    3. Replacing cabling systems – Cables on the shop floor are becoming more high maintenance. Costs are going up, whether buying from a vendor, losing time by assuming Cat5 cables will do the job, or attempting to make them in-house. This doesn’t even touch the insurance costs and potential hazards of hanging cables high up and having to tend to them. Adopting a wireless shop floor system will eliminate all these issues that your rats’ nest of cabling in the ceiling causes to your daily manufacturing routine.
    4. Enabling modern protocols for legacy equipment – Assumptions that your legacy equipment is restricted from joining the IIoT revolution are false. You can grab data from nearly any age, make and model of equipment in order to increase job capacity. The SRC provided by DataXchange allows you to use protocols such as MTConnect to view basic utilization information from your equipment. 

    About SFA: Shop Floor Automations has been providing tailored solutions to any size manufacturer with any size budget for over 20 years. Visit our social media sites – we are on Twitter @SFA_Inc, as well as Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram under our company name. Call for more info at (877) 611-5825 or Email

  • Shop Floor Automations (SFA), a notable Automation Supplier for the CNC Machine Tool Industry, has released a new hardware product to add USB and Ethernet connectivity to any machine.  

    The LAN-USB Connect became available from SFA as of March 2018. The hardware has many notable abilities that will be desirable for manufacturers. 

    The LAN-USB Connect provides the user the ability to drag and drop files from and to the CNC machine, utilizing an Ethernet connection via FTP protocol. No logon is required using anonymous logins, or security can be configured. These functions are achieved with no special software required to install.

    Network outage protection also occurs via local server to CNC connection that is independent from the shop floor’s network.

    The USB function of the device allows it to act as an interface between commercially available USB sticks and any CNC control with a functioning RS232 port. Machine programs can be sent from the CNC memory to the USB stick, or USB to CNC memory, or can be drip-fed (DNC) from the USB.

    Flexible CNC communication firmware is built into the unit. This allows for connection to a large variety of machine tool controls. The device buffers the entire program at the machine, and acts as a dedicated computer that responds instantaneously to data flow changes from the CNC.

    Positioning this device on the control allows the machine to run at its maximum baud rate. This will prevent a machinist from having to walk back and forth from the DNC PC to the machine in order to initiate machine operation.

    More benefits to this device come with the financial freedom of keeping an older machine in operation longer, rather than retrofitting a machine with new controllers, or replacing a machine all together. The hardware replaces cost-prohibitive measures of adding OEM memory or USB to the machine in a proprietary manner from the machine tool builder.

    The LAN-USB Connect works with a majority of CNC controls on the market with a serial port. For instance, it has been tested with Haas, Mazak, Hurco, Fadal, Mitsubishi, Mori Seiki, Okuma, Siemens, and more brands. This device is also available in a “headless” version, as well as a low-cost wireless version.

    About SFA: Shop Floor Automations is a manufacturing integrator who just celebrated their 20th year in business servicing the manufacturing industry. We are on social media on Twitter @SFA_Inc, as well as on Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram under our company name. Call for more info at (877) 611-5825 or Email

  • Scytec has launched a new E-Learning website for their machine monitoring system DataXchange. Knowing how to get the most benefits from the machine utilization tracking software is now easier than ever, with the educational courses available for all shop personnel.  

    E-Learning is a series of online courses that DataXchange users can take at their own pace, at any time. Topics covered include: configuring reporting options, shift options, software installation, initial configuration, modifying existing machine data, system administration, and understanding the machine data collection sources. The learning modules are a combination of text and videos with a quiz at the end of each class.

    A subscription of DataXchange E-Learning is valid for 12 months. During that time, the user has unlimited access to the site and the ability to revisit courses they have finished, if a refresher is needed.

    New courses will be added frequently, so the 12-month investment will continue to provide added value with more opportunities to learn. Access to the site is controlled with a single customer login that can be shared with any employees of the shop floor that can benefits from the classes.

    In order to obtain the goals of lean manufacturing, overall equipment efficiency and increased machine capacity, the user needs to know the best ways to utilize DataXchange to make better shop floor decisions. With E-Learning, the user should be able to achieve the benefits of increased utilization and decreased downtime with proper use of the software. Contact Shop Floor Automations for an E-Learning quote today!

    About SFA: Shop Floor Automations is an approved reseller of DataXchange. We are on social media on Twitter @SFA_Inc, as well as on Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram under our company name. Call for more info at (877) 611-5825 or Email

  • Want RS232 to USB hardware results before purchasing? Check out this case study with Fredon Corporation!

    Today’s Medical Developments published this study in Winter 2018. USB Connect hardware bridged a technological skills gap for this Ohio manufacturing company.

    A constant goal at Fredon is to remain at the front of the manufacturing world. They seek to provide customers with high-quality parts, to manufacture with innovation, and keep close relationships with customers.

    Randy Glover Jr. at Fredon says operators are “skilled enough to surpass the expectations of a facility many times larger [than ours].” But there was a big productivity problem to address.

     “The process of having to load and unload our CNC programs was inefficient,” Glover says.

    “It varied from machine to machine, and most times, it was a nightmare,” Randy said. A quick and easy solution “that could be used by all team members, regardless of technical ability” was needed.

    Glover initially invested in a Portable USB Connect in 2016. He then purchased two Floppy Drive Emulators plus a Pendant USB Connect.

    Check out the case study online or in print for more useful information.

    Call (877) 611-5825 or fill out a contact form for more productivity information!


  • DataXchange ODI - Operator Data Interface
    DataXchange ODI for the machine monitoring system is more user-friendly and visually appealing. ...

  • Scytec DataXchange ODI has a modern look and many new features; runs on PCs, iPads, Windows and Android tablets.The Operator Data Interface is simple, yet powerful; customizable to meet the needs of the machine and shop floor. The ease of the ODI makes monitoring manufacturing machines uncomplicated and allows for proactive productivity action.

  • DataXchange SRC Adapter
    Connect fabricating equipment with the SRC - any machine, brand & age of equipment!...

  • The Status Relay Control (SRC) from DataXchange machine monitoring helps simplify ease of collection from equipment via a signal/combination of signals. Connect fabricating equipment with the SRC  - any machine, brand & age of fab equipment!

    Connect to outputs from another system (EXAMPLE: a CNC, a PLC, or devices like a proximity sensor). Scytec DataXchange reads all inputs of status to help users create a better understanding of their machines.

    More information about it:

    *For machines not MTConnect of FANUC FOCAS based
    *No programming required & has a low price
    *Can work wired or wireless
    *Has 8 data collecting inputs
    *6 outputs for triggering
    *Has an RS232 serial interface
    *Powered off 24 volts
    *Typically used with Serial to Ethernet converter

  • RS232 to USB Upgrades
    The Pendant and Portable USB Connect devices help fabrication shop floors modernize RS232 ports....

  • Modernize your fabrication equipment! 

    Portable USB Connect

    • Portable, rugged aluminum enclosure
    • Great for small shops 
    • Drip-feed with single button repeat operation
    • Mid-tape start with search function
    • Connects via RS232 serial port with 4 line LCD display
    • Eliminates the need for expensive memory upgrades
    • Includes 1GB USB Thumb Drive

    Pendant USB Connect

    • All Portable USB features, but with pendant mount
    • Supports any CNC machine
    • Includes 1GB USB Thumb Drive
    • Easy to install on any CNC

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