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  • Magnetic structurescope (coercimeter) MC-04-H
    Magnetic structurescope (coercimeter) MC-04-H is developed for measurements of the magnetic characteristics of metal – coercive force....

  • Magnetic structurescope (coercimeter) MC-04-H

    Coercimetry basis is correlation between physicochemical properties or  mechanical characteristics of metal and one or more magnetic characteristics. Sensitivity of one of magnetic characteristics, Coercivity (Coercive force, Hc, which amounts half of Magnetic hysteresis loop width) to structural changes of material enable its application for assessment of quality of ferromagnetic steels and cast iron.

    In metallurgy and metalform Coercive Force Method is applicable for the following tasks:

    • Sorting of steel grades
    • Assessment of mechanical properties of rolled steel
    • Annealing quality inspection
    • Quality conformance inspection for quenching and subsequent tempering
    • Check the depth and hardness of the hardened layers on the surface
     and evaluation of fatigue and residual life of metal.

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